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    My dinner

    Here are the heirloom vegetables that are going to make my supper along with some good toasted bread and a good book. RX1R natural light from kitchen window. Click on image to see fullsize.
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    Sony Might the RX1R M2 bring a Firmware update for our older RX1R ?

    The most important thing to be fixed in my current RX1R would be the 1/80th speed in A mode before it ramps up the AutoISO .... Wonder if the new body will make ours to be updated. Not optimistic though :-(
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    Sony Hyperfocal distance for lansdcapes

    Might have some problems asking in this strange language ;-) If I'm shooting a landscape and would like to have as much as possible in critical focus, how would I judge the in-focus areas at f/16 and f/11 ? Thanks in advance Bob
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    Sony Controlling Manual mode + Auto ISO

    Dear friends, I've just come back from my first couple of outings with my new RX1R and beg for your forgiveness since I'm struggling with a few things. I've set my machine to Manual mode and AutoISO. Most of the times it does an excellent job and prevents some motion blurred images I had gotten...
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    Sony Couple of questions on the FDA-EV1MK viewfinder

    Any eyeglass wearer owning one out there ? Is the field of view complete if you look at it with the eyecup while wearing glasses ? What would you consider a good price for a used one ? TIA Bob
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    Sony RX1R and Lightroom

    I started getting acquainted with my new RX1R. I use LR (5 on my MPro and trying 6 on my iMac) and ONLY shoot RAW. If any of you use this camera (or the RX1) and LR with RAW, do you have some settings you almost always find yourself tweaking ? I'd say Lens profile for sure. What about...
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    Hello from Rome, ITaly

    I've stumbled on this forum via Google looking for some expert guidance for a Sony DSC-RX1R I'm waiting to receive. Started photography in my Dad's darkroom in the sixties, used his old Leicas, then bought my first Canon in the 70s, then a long time with just little P&S, then around 2005 went...
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    Sony New to RX1(R) would love some guidance please

    Dear friends, while I'm waiting for my new RX1R to ship I'm trying to read the manual (which I don't find suited to my brain) and learn as much as I can before it arrives so that I'll start shooting as early as possible. I'd like to ask all of you having had the camera for a while to help me...
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