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  1. pictogramax

    WINNER ANNOUNCED 31st Serious Compacts Salon Challenge - PAUSE

    Being given the honors of running the 31st edition, I propose you take a break and show me those little bits of pause in life, the moments of recuperation and syncing with the world around. I guess some examples will make it clearer than thousand words, but I would like to add that you are...
  2. pictogramax


    I have been working a lot lately, but keeping in line with my deadlines so after a days work is done, I treated myself with short outings by the rivers, looking to bag some long exposures. Shot these with Sony RX100 and Panasonic G3, mounted on tripod. As I suffer from "panovision" for sometime...
  3. pictogramax

    Stroll Winter sunbathing

    Yesterday, on my way to downtown, a few moments of winter sunbathing: ZEMUN WINTER SUNBATHING by Milan Jovanovic, on Flickr
  4. pictogramax

    Stroll FOGVILLE

    We had a lot of fog these days, so here are two images profiting from it in completely different manners: GLIDE by Milan Jovanovic, on Flickr FOGVILLE by Milan Jovanovic, on Flickr
  5. pictogramax

    "winner" announced - What is it Wednesday Week 21

    I have something really special for you this time, I call it the close-up of ANGEL FUR. It's up to you to guess what it actually is: ANGEL FUR by Milan Jovanovic, on Flickr Good luck! P.S. The usual blurb: How this is played? Each member gets one guess. The answer will be revealed on the...
  6. pictogramax


    Every once in a while I go trekking to enjoy the nature, clear the mind and refresh the spirit. Yesterday I was climbing the Povlen mountain, in western Serbia - it's a place where you wouldn't be surprised to stumble on some Hobbits, rich in woods and mild hills. All shot with my trusty RX100...
  7. pictogramax

    WINNER ANNOUNCED - The 17th Photographers Lounge Salon Challenge: A Dream

    A big thanks to Luke for appointing me as a captain of this new journey. This time a propose a DREAM, in any way you see fit to interpret the word and it's many meanings. Maybe it has been done long time ago, but I checked and it wasn't the case recently. So, from hazy nostalgic to punchy...
  8. pictogramax

    Early bird

    Fribourg, Switzerland, confirmed the truth behind the proverb "The early bird catches the worm". Woke up early for a walk around hotel before going to work, and life treated me with 15 minutes of mist and bliss. Moments later it dispersed; tomorrow there was none. Got in, shot, got out.
  9. pictogramax

    The 29th Serious Compacts Salon challenge: QUIET - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

    For the 29th Serious Compacts Salon Challenge I'm proposing "QUIET" as the theme. You are free, and welcome, to interpret it in as many ways as you wish and give us all once again a set of diverse and moving images. Have fun and good luck to all! The salon starts tomorrow May 06th and...
  10. pictogramax

    DOF gurus, please help!

    For more than two years I'm shooting NEX3 and legacy glass, manually focusing of course. Although I've tried several lenses, most of my images are shot with Minolta 45mm f2.0 (but mostly at f2.8). I just love the handling of that lens and the creamy look it gives. Although I don't mind...
  11. pictogramax

    WINNER ANNOUNCED - 17th Serious Compacts Salon Challenge: DOLCE VITA

    A glass of fine vine, a luxury dinner or just a cappuccino at old city square; a quiet stroll or laid back sunbathing on the beach, maybe reading a book with a cup of tea? Or anything other that embodies the meaning of DOLCE VITA to you. Combing your photo archives is fine by me, but if you...
  12. pictogramax


    If you are anything like me, moved both by vintage photography and vintage times, like this: Full Speed Ahead: Washington, D.C. 1942 September | Photographium | Historic Photo Archive or this: Chigogafuchi Marine Plateau: Enoshima, Japan 1890 | Photographium | Historic Photo Archive...
  13. pictogramax

    Adore Noir Freebie

    For those eventually interested, Adore Noir, (a fine art BW magazine that is) is currently giving away issue #11: issue11free
  14. pictogramax

    Surprise! Presents included!

    Now look what I got from NIK software: Dear Milan Jovanovic, We would like to express our sincere congratulations: Your picture was among the Top20 in the Nik Focused Vintage Photo Contest. Your prize are 2 Snapseed Desktop licenses for Mac & PC – for you and your friends. If you...
  15. pictogramax

    And now they are out of business

    35 five years ago: Kodak: Plugged In - We Had No Idea
  16. pictogramax

    Snima IRIS

    Check this modular mirrorless concept out: iovokitangra (I couldn't start a thread in the main mirrorless forum, so I put it in the Nex subsection. Admins, please move as you see fit)
  17. pictogramax

    Critique Wanted Revisiting

    Yesterday I walked through a part of town I haven't been to for a long while. Passing past an abandoned house I remembered an image I took on film with my Minolta XD7 and 50mm lens (almost two years earlier, as I discovered later while comparing my results): So I took a new shot, this time...
  18. pictogramax

    Sony Undressing NEX3

    As the owner of NEX3, I found this interesting: - Undressing an NEX
  19. pictogramax

    And hello from Belgrade also

    Hi everybody, sorry for not doing this earlier. I have been an active lurker for quite a while and decided to became a little bit of an active member recently. I live in Belgrade, Serbia; I am a graphic designer by formation but I mostly draw comics and illustrations for years...
  20. pictogramax


    Hi, as a relative newbie here I'm not sure where I should post this. If I chose a wrong place, would administrators kindly move it where it should be? Anyway, I wanted to share a "fakescape" with you, an image that keeps looking to me as a melancholic view of a distant island: In...
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