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  1. staticantics

    The problem with new TVs

    A year old, but they exist.
  2. staticantics

    Amazon (US) is really trying hard to lose my business

    I can get anything I want delivered within two business days for free for a flat rate fee of ~$100 a year, support my state with taxes, stream thousands of movies, if I want to, rent free books once a month ... Anything. Underwear. Chocolate chips, a dishwasher, a big screen tv, camera gear...
  3. staticantics

    Apple Uploading from iPad to Lightroom

    Dropbox, or a similar cloud service (copy, sugar sync, amazon, google drive) are probably your best wireless way to transfer. Photosmith has some built in Dropbox functionality. As fun as it was to work with Photosmith on the ipad, I didn't find that it saved me any time in the long run. How...
  4. staticantics

    Sony Does anyone know of a handheld stabilizer for a Sony RX100?

    Would this work? Starts around 1 min.
  5. staticantics

    Sony N00b questions - RX1 shutter priority mode and autofocus

    I suspect it has to do with the amount of available light. You lens aperture cannot open any wider to allow more light in, so if you set your shutter speed at 1/300s and the camera will automatically adjust aperture to balance your shutter speed selection. So the camera cannot get any wider...
  6. staticantics

    December Doodads - Day Sixteen

    Abandoned Tinsel
  7. staticantics

    December Doodads - Day Fifteen

  8. staticantics

    Mac Users who don't like the new Flickr format

    Sure, i've been using the beta for several weeks now. Here's the BBCode sharing instructions: Click on the share square. Click on the Thumbtack/Pushpin, select your dimensions and voila, BBCode. It doesn't say BBCode, but the pushpin implies BBCode.
  9. staticantics

    Mac Users who don't like the new Flickr format

    Why do you think this? The BBCode option is there in the new iteration, and is so widely used, it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  10. staticantics

    Canon Just for grins: Canon EOS-M speed tests, and sensor compare to EP1 and X100

    While I don't love the autofocus points of the 6D, i really enjoy making images with it. Best of all, it was less than half the cost of the latest and greatest and I have an ample amount of glass to put behind it. Putting the 40mm pancake lens on the 6D makes it a pretty serious compact :smile...
  11. staticantics

    "Taking photographs ruins the memory, research finds " ?

    OH WOW! People who were told to remember something remembered it? And people who were asked to photograph something didn't remember it as well?
  12. staticantics

    December Doodads - Day Ten

    Red Tree
  13. staticantics

    The new Nikon Df is beautiful

  14. staticantics

    December Doodads - Day Nine

    Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground It's now the coldest it has been in over a decade This early into winter in central California. Much of the citrus crops are dying off weeks before they were ready to harvest, especially the tangelos, cuties and halos style mandarin oranges people love in the...
  15. staticantics

    Guess the format

    Thats a fun experiment. I got 16 out of 20 correct, but I think this page is even more interesting after taking these test, the stats. :
  16. staticantics

    Feedback Does Flickr respect copyright of uploaded images?

    Sorry, my comment was much abbreviated. I should have said: People posting blackout images don't like the new interface and don't want it forced on them when the beta period is done. They hope that if a large enough group refrains from using Flickr, their collective one-day protest pleas will...
  17. staticantics

    December Doodads - Day Eight

    Hand painted Santa ornament given to us by a dear friend many years ago. One of my favorite doodads on the Christmas tree.
  18. staticantics

    Feedback Does Flickr respect copyright of uploaded images?

    They don't like the new interface and are convinced that if they don't use flickr for a day, flickr won't force it on them when the beta period is done.
  19. staticantics

    Feedback Does Flickr respect copyright of uploaded images?

    The affiliate links used on this board, strip the referring URL and show up as "unknown". So if you have ever posted a picture on any of Amin's forums (mu43, serious compacts, etc) anyone clicking through would show up as an "unknown" referer.
  20. staticantics

    Sony Sony RX100 - Pixel Peeping

    No, there is compression and other transcoding of images when posted to web. They will never look as good on flickr. Disappointing is a rather subjective word. Disappointing because you wanted it to have straight lines and details at 100%? Disappointing because of reffraction of light from...
  21. staticantics

    Feedback Does Flickr respect copyright of uploaded images?

    Flickr will not patrol use of your images, that burden is on you to be vigilant. They will respect and apply and display any copyright you apply to your images. That doesn't stop people from stealing the smaller images and re-purposing them. But flickr will not sell your copyrighted images...
  22. staticantics

    Apple Help Needed: Basic Photo SW for Mac

    How silly is it that iPhoto does not permit turning off facial recognition? Before Lightroom existed, years and years ago, I used photo mechanic and enjoyed that, but I see it costs even more than Lightroom now. Lyn has some interesting reviews...
  23. staticantics

    Panasonic GM1 - Pier in Fog

    Wonder how awesome the Oly body cap lens 15mm would be on the GM1? Could be interesting!
  24. staticantics

    Things I have learned from shooting sports that might prove useful to photographers

    I think the preoccupation that I've also observed is in equipment capable of shooting wide open ... "give us a f1.2 prime lens pany" or "that oly tele zoom is too slow! f6!" etc. etc. etc.
  25. staticantics

    Things I have learned from shooting sports that might prove useful to photographers

    This is so key! I struggled with the Panasonic 100-300 on my oly when I first got it. I was convinced there was something wrong until i realized the slight blur was created by less than ideal lighting combined with my own movement not being fast enough for the 1/200 shutter speeds I was using.
  26. staticantics

    Panasonic GM1 - Pier in Fog

    I like the mood and lighting of this image. Thanks for sharing it. I don't know if it is the quality of your post processing program, or what's going on with the shadow quality in this image though. Was it underexposed and you brought it up in post production? That's a lot of noise and...
  27. staticantics

    December Doodads - Day Four

    A wall of Doodads, a table of doodads Waiting To Be Smogged by staticantics, on Flickr Magazine Pile at the Smog Shop by staticantics, on Flickr
  28. staticantics

    A reminder/warning: don't let the winter fuel your GAS

    Winter light is the best for Black and White, go monochrome! :smile:
  29. staticantics

    Fuji X100 Raw Files and Raw Therapee

    I am not a Raw Therapee user, so take this as ideas only. It is very likely you have a Lumosity setting turned up too high either in your default profile, or applied at some point -- perhaps a profile on import? I doubt this program would just inject color into your pictures without a setting...
  30. staticantics

    Leica 'Tis the Season

    Artificially intelligent trees? Mind = Blown :wink:
  31. staticantics

    December Doodads - Day Three

    Sewn Turtle Ornament Detail by staticantics, on Flickr
  32. staticantics

    Show Best of the month for November 2013

    Here's a contender for my favorite photograph I took earlier this month with the 7.5mm Rokinon Autumn Afternoon by staticantics, on Flickr
  33. staticantics

    December Doodads - Day Two

    Whoops, forgot to add some text. I'll do that now. Thanks, Ruby.
  34. staticantics

    The last warm evening of Autumn

    Temperatures will dip 20 degrees lower tomorrow. Here I pulled out my Jupiter.3 50mm f1.4. This is an interesting lens, super long focus, finnicky focus. But interesting results. Certainly a lens with character.
  35. staticantics

    December Doodads - Day Two

    Close up of my wife's favorite: The Bubble Light. Long exposure makes the bubbles not as obvious.
  36. staticantics

    Nikon Can't do it

    I'm still holding on to my 20d in hopes to train a family member in manual exposure settings. Kind of amazing to go back and see how tiny the screen is. Kind of amazing that it will be ten years old next year. :eek:
  37. staticantics

    Cyber Monday - Zenfolio 50% OFF

    Thanks for the tip on savings. $60 a year for normal unlimited storage for zenfolio, cyber monday makes it half that --- but I would likely choose a competing photo hosting site. Smugmug's basic is always about half that price and offers unlimited storage and is a long-time company (12...
  38. staticantics

    Hiding EXIF info - so irritated!

    Why would one hide EXIF data? Some people think it doesn't add to the purpose of sharing an image. Some people are paranoid that you might be able to find them with EXIF data. Or they simply want to irritate gear heads. In truth, EXIF data can protect you from copyright infringement -- when...
  39. staticantics

    December Doodads - Day One

    Getting the Tree Ready by staticantics, on Flickr
  40. staticantics

    December PAD?

    Give me an excuse to use my 60mm macro lens a bit more :thumbup:
  41. staticantics

    21st Serious Compacts Salon Challenge - Eyes - Winner Announced

    Never underestimate the joy a simple glow stick can bring a child. Little Jedi by staticantics, on Flickr
  42. staticantics

    iPad Air for photography - is it finally time to buy?

    Just curious ... is there a reason why one would choose an iPad over, say an MacBook air or some other ultrabook? I suppose the cost is higher (not by much if you are going for the huge storage option.) I only ask because i have a tablet and find that file management and the ability to create...
  43. staticantics

    November Nocturne Night 28

    Nothing says holidays with family and friends quite like faux barbed wire. :smile:
  44. staticantics

    Newegg: EOS-M w/18-55 for $279. Today only

    rubs temples and chants quietly I already have too many cameras I already have too many cameras.....
  45. staticantics

    November Nocturne Night 27

    Warmed by the Fire by staticantics, on Flickr
  46. staticantics

    November Nocturne Night 28

    Bored at Thanksgiving by staticantics, on Flickr
  47. staticantics

    EOS-M EF-M 18-55 STM Kit Mini Review

    I really enjoyed your black and white images. I am looking forward to seeing more :smile: Thanks for the added detail, esp the silent focusing / lack of movement details.
  48. staticantics

    EOS-M EF-M 18-55 STM Kit Mini Review

    Thanks for sharing your impressions of the lens. Would love to see some color in the next batch of EOS-M photos you share. I imagine you shot with the 22mm lens prior to this. How do their focusing abilities differ, if they differ at all? Like Steve (drd1135) said, I too will be tempted by a...
  49. staticantics

    November Nocturne Night 25

    This is a stretch, but imagine me in a dark room looking at photos I took earlier today :smile: I promise to make some lower light images in the remaining days of the month, I've been slacking in my nocturne efforts. It has been a while since I last used the 7.5mm fisheye, works so well on...
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