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  1. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 34

    My photograph for this 4th of July is my own twisted personal homage to the film adaptation of one of my more favorite modern horror novels, Stephen King's 'The Shining': in Stanley Kubrick's memorable cinematic version, there is a shot which uses a typewriter and sheets of typed paper to reveal...
  2. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 33

    This was taken late yesterday but only processed early this morning. In the garden behind my house, a number of leek plants are flowering - and to my untutored eye, looking more and more like alien visitors from a neighboring galaxy. This one, in particular - in the rays of the setting sun -...
  3. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 33

    An amazing photograph (and image too!), Matt. It renders me speechless....and that doesn't happen often.
  4. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 32

    With the advent of summer, some of the flowering seed-heads on different flora in the garden....look curiously like advance scouts from an Alien landing party.
  5. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 31

    The meal looks scrumptious and fabulous! I think if I had nourishment like that on an everyday basis, I could not only manage an SiJ and Daily every day for the month, but I also might be capable of doing an entire series of special gastronomic "Good Eatin'" photos... ;)
  6. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 31

    We are indeed riding the wave into July, Matt. Although in my case, this particular wave is breaking on a shore where my ancient (nearly 70 year old stove) is being disassembled for a long-overdue annual cleaning. It's not a very entertaining process, but some (smaller) people seem to find it...
  7. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 25

    Okay, Steve, in addition to really liking this photograph - I also have to ask you - where does one acquire a periodic table of elements mask identical to yours? It has to be one of (if not the) coolest pandemic artifacts I have probably ever seen. Seriously - where did you get yours? and where...
  8. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 30

    Running low on photographic inspiration at the end of what seems to have become a rather longish month for me - so I have resorted to an old standby: raise the camera, look into the glass....and see what, or who, looks back.
  9. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 29

    I really like your use of the ultra-wide 12mm fov here, Don. I suspect the quality of the lens helps contribute to the quality of the photo, too ;)
  10. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

    I agree. The 20mm f/1.7 pancake is probably one of my two all-time favorite micro 4/3 lenses - the other being the even more visually scrumptious 15mm PanaLeica. My 20mm was the 1st gen, which supposedly suffered from slow (or slower) autofocus issues, not that I ever noticed any - and in terms...
  11. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 29

    An old superstition from the previous century or two was that when a photographer took a photo of someone, that photo was somehow a theft of the subject's soul. I suspect this superstition may be predated by a similar sense of awe or possibly fear which some early peoples may have had when they...
  12. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 28

    Gray day outside in the garden. Looks like rain. Even the local sculpted fauna seem affected.
  13. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 27

    I normally would not do this but today I am posting two photos instead of one because....not only do they 'go together', but neither works without the other. Also, neither works without the 'story' behind them--- The first is a close view of the Salvador Dali jigsaw puzzle which I began back...
  14. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 26

    Waiting to pick up my takeout meal at the local breakfast-brunch-lunch place in the small Oregon town where I live - and wondering whether my food will need Pepper...or Salt?
  15. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 25

    In these complicated new days of the pandemic, even Zombies have to take precautionary measures while going on lockdown--
  16. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 24

    This is such a brilliant photo, Ad. I keep coming back to look at it again.
  17. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 24

    I don't know the origins of the old adage, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' - but if one subscribes to it, or believes in it, then it follows that that which is beautiful....can be found anywhere. Even at the local supermarket.
  18. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 23

    Maurice Sendak wrote a wonderful children's book, 'Where the Wild Things Are'. And, if anyone is wondering where the Wild Things are after midnight - or, at the very least, where one of them is hanging out .... they will find the aforementioned Wild Monster sitting on the mouse pad next to my...
  19. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 22

    In southern Oregon, teams of mobile Medical Technicians work long hours doing drive-through Covid19 testing. These two are smiling under their masks, taking a brief break during the long work day.
  20. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 21

    Trying to do some writing work, in my office, on a project which involves imagery from Mexico's traditional Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead - and as usual I'm searching for inspiration. This is my tiny 'Calavera' (skeleton) couple of Dead Newlyweds - behind them, an old-but-not-quite-antique...
  21. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 21

    Beautiful light. And a beautiful portrait, too, Bobby - with almost painterly qualities. Your whole series of family portraits is--and has really been--quite special.
  22. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 20

    The part of southern Oregon where I live was transformed in the 19th century when white settlers of European stock began to arrive in increasing numbers, displacing and killing the native peoples who inhabited the area for thousands of years. Though the indigenous peoples were not pacifistic...
  23. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 20

    Being a long-term and often serious Terry Pratchett addict and fan, I have to ask you, Matt - do you recall offhand which novel it was, when you first encountered the term "jiggit"? It sounds to me like something one of the Wee Wee Free Men - aka the Nac Mac Feegle - might have used?
  24. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 19

    Walking around the small Oregon town where I live. There is an ancient Chrysler automobile sitting parked in a driveway, gathering dust. There was something almost mythologial - to me - about its lines.
  25. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 18

    Inside the pump room of the old farmhouse where I live, the light is dim and muted. There are multiple light switches, too. But back in 1902 when this outbuilding was built, the house had no electricity. Make me wonder....what this space will look like, one hundred years from now?
  26. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #33: Bicycling

    The thing about bicycling is....once you get's hard to stop.
  27. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #32 ZigZag - Winner announced!

    A late congratulations to David for his beautiful winning entry - and really to all the other entrants as well. Some remarkable images - and remarkably inventive interpretations of the zig-zag theme.
  28. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 17

    I have a long and complex Day 17 ahead of me, so I'm taking another liberty of posting a photograph I took near the end of Day 16, during both days it's been raining cats and dogs, as the saying goes, with brief interludes when the downpour ceased, and the skies were dark grey, cloudy, and...
  29. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 17

    Of course, the other classic (in Western pop of the last half century, at least) reference to 'seventeen' comes at the beginning Beatles' song, "I Saw Her Standing There', which goes --- Well, she was just seventeen You know what I mean I think we were all 17 once. ;)
  30. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 16

    Beautiful sense of light. And a great portrait too, Don.
  31. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 16

    Another gray day, went for a morning walk in the small Oregon town where I live, there is a small tree-filled park and I noticed that there is a new 'dedicatory' stone-poetry-inspirational-sculpture, nestled at the base of some trees. Here it is.
  32. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 15

    A cloudy, gray day, went walking alongside the local railroad tracks. When I saw this concrete pipe - or concrete conduit or whatever its proper name may be - part of me immediately wondered whether in its depths, it might contain a hidden, tiny treasure - or a clue to some mystery, large or...
  33. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

    Great shot, Don. Plus, now I'm going to have to add Lubbock, Texas, to my list of absolutely-necessary-places-I-have-to-visit to see this Stonehenge replica ;)
  34. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

    Beautiful image, David. Nicely processed, too - all the different gray tones, the whole sense of place.
  35. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 14

    Technically this photograph was taken late on the preceding day, but I didn't really process it until just after midnight on June 14 so I hope that allows me to slide it today. It was taken at the checkout line in a southern Oregon supermarket - and I imagine one of these days I will get used...
  36. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 13

    In Oregon, a gray day filled with clouds, wind, and the promise of more rain. Standing outside of my old house, there are a small handful of very faded Tibetan-prayer-flags....which both seem to fit my mood, and the atmospheric conditions - and possibly hint at kinder times for the...
  37. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 12

    Simply a great photograph, Matt. And the trompe l'oeil effect of the mural, which seems both real and not real at the same time, is very cool.
  38. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 12

    This photo was taken a little after midnight - right when June 12th is beginning - with the flash on my tiny small-sensor Ricoh GRDiii, a camera which gets noticeably grainy at higher ISO's. The arboreal subject is an old black walnut tree that sits in front of my house and seems to survive...
  39. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Post an image of yours related to the one above it!

    I hope you don't feel foolish because this image was at least partially intentionally obscure - I was trying more for a geometric composition and interplay of lights and shadows - than of clearly illuminating or documenting my subject ;) - but, that said, I was standing on a slight incline...
  40. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 11

    Today it is warm and cloudy in southern Oregon. There are birds everywhere, not to mention bees and a million other assorted signs of spring life. It's the kind of day when a person can be seized by a sudden, irrational impulse to open up the Weber barbecue 'kettle' and grill something. In fact...
  41. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day to Day 10

    Driving to do an errand, I passed by one of the many rusting old automotive dinosaurs that one sees by the roadside in rural areas. Fortunately, I had the GRii in my pocket... Processed in Lightroom 6 with a little help from Nik's Analog Efex.
  42. MiguelATF

    Challenge! Day by Day 9

    This is such a great photograph, Don. Especially because you 'captured' the moment which your turtle (what is his or her name? do pet turtles still have names, these days?) 'chose' to lift his-or-her head up out of the water. And let's not forget the fact that the water in your turtle's 'turtle...
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