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    Fuji fuji full frame?

    seems like this may happen! :smile: Fuji Rumors
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    Fuji long exposures on the new sensor

    I've been fascinated with the Fuji's since the introduction of the X-100. The new, non-bayer sensor is delivering an image that I personally really like. One of the things that I like to mess around with is putting a camera on a guided telescope to do long exposure wide field images. Do any...
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    High Tech Gear Head Artistry

    I've been facinated by F1 racing since the mid 60's. This is an amazing film made by McLaren cars in GB. McLaren’s stunning light painting James Allen on F1 Enjoy! and to show my true colors -- go Kimi! :biggrin:
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    Oregon yard art

    There are 8 or 10 of these warbirds (10 to 12 foot wingspan) in this fellows yard. He is quite the sheet metal fabricator!
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    Starry Nights

    Put the grd iii on an old Bogen 3011 last night and got this I'm asking an awful lot from a small camera to do this. The grd iii doesn't seem to have a bulb setting and the sensor, while great for B/W at ISO 1600, gets pretty noisy in a color jpeg. Managed to snag a Celestron...
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    the deep, dark woods

    grd iii Central Oregon
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    High Desert Pines

    A raw conversion from the GRD III using AfterShot Pro
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    Forest fire plus ten or so.....years

    grd iii jpeg
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    Pine Park

    A grove of ponderosa pine -- grd iii -- in-camera jpeg
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    Hello from the west coast

    Hi--I'm an old film guy that's been lurking here for a while. My last decent camera was a Nikon f2 until this afternoon when I took delivery of a Ricoh GRD III from a member here (burro39). I'm really happy with the camera and the experience of purchasing through the forum. I'm looking forward...
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