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  1. rybolt

    Starting on the Megaliths exhibit

    It's taken me almost 11 months to get started but I'm beginning to print pictures for an exhibit of Irish megalithic sites. I'm a big fan of Paul Caponigro's Megaliths work and the style he used. Here are a couple of the pictures.
  2. rybolt

    Completed Sony A7 Kit and extras SOLD!!!!

    Bought this last week and it was fun but I really don't want to haul two systems. The Fujis are the cameras for me. Probably less than 300 actuations. Latest firmware installed. Sony A7 with 28-70FE lens and cap 4- aftermarket batteries aftermarket external charger Sony charger block and...
  3. rybolt

    Sony Tricked out RX1

    First let me say that I'm a shooter and not a fondler. Having said that, all of my small cameras have the same stuff on them. Arca style grips, vented hoods whenever possible, Gordy's straps and, on the back, Larmour LCD screen protectors. As I get older I'm finding that small cameras don't...
  4. rybolt

    Completed Komura 28mm finder for Sigma DP1M | Location: USA | Ships: Worldwide

    Buy & Sell Listing - EbaySelling Komura 28mm finder for Sigma DP1M Location USA Ships to Worldwide Link to Ebay listing References - Acknowledgment I have read...
  5. rybolt

    Completed Sigma Merrill Cameras-All Three of them | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Sigma DP1M and DP2M cameras and Fuji X Pro 1 Body Prices $500 EACH for Sigma and $600 for Fuji Location USA Ships to USA Description I have two of the Sigma Merrill cameras for sale. They all have the same items included except for...
  6. rybolt

    New Moon Rising

    We had both a good moon and some good clouds last night. Unfortunately, there was about 6 stops diffference in them. You could get a blown out moon and good clouds or a good moon in a black sky but not both. Then the wind shifted and the clouds provided just enough natural ND to make an...
  7. rybolt

    Stage shots

    I'm about as far as you can get from being a 'people shooter' but once a year I shoot stills at a music fantasy camp that I manage. This was my first year shooting the Fuji system and it worked out flwalessly. I used the X Pro 1 cameras and started with the 18-55, 60mm and 55-200 lenses. After...
  8. rybolt

    A Month in Ireland

    We had a great month shooting in Western Ireland. Most of the work was with the X Pro 1 and XE1 cameras and the zooms. Here's a link to the general stuff Ireland and here's the link to the project page Burial Grounds, Shrines and Holy Wells
  9. rybolt

    Expired Pentax 110 Lenses and m43 adaptor | Location: USA | Ships: Worldwide

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Pentax 110 Lenses and m43 adaptor Prices $195 Location USA Ships to Worldwide Description THERE ISN'T MUCH THAT HAS LESS VALUE THAN A PENTAX AUTO 110 CAMERA. HOWEVER, SINCE THEY STARTED MAKING AN ADAPTER TO USE...
  10. rybolt

    Sheeps Head and Goat Path

    The burial ground pictures are the the Sigma Merrill cameras. The others with the X Pro 1.
  11. rybolt

    Clouds and Mirrors

    We're in a rainy day today in southwestern Ireland and I had the chance to edit some pictures and write a few lines. The first and last picture are from my wife with an X-E1 and 14mm lens. The others are mine with the X Pro 1 and either the 8mm Roki or the 10-24mm zoom. Mirrors and Clouds
  12. rybolt

    Killarney lakes

    I shot this picture this morning near Killarney Ireland. After looking at the color image I wondered how it would look as black and white. I was a great fan of the British photographer Bil Brandt and his landscape pictures. This isn't to his caliber but I had fun trying.
  13. rybolt

    The Old Burial Ground-Kenmare, Ireland

    This is year two of the project documenting old burial grounds. I shot here last year with the Nikon cameras and this year with the Fujis. I'm working here for 13 more days and intend to shoot with the Sigma Cameras as well. I just need a little drier day than I had today.
  14. rybolt


    some days you just can't lose. My wife shot the first one (that's me in the lower left) with the XE1 and 14mm The other two are mine with the X Pro 1 and 10-24
  15. rybolt

    Sigma SPP or Iridient for XF3 files?

    I'm finding that I use the Sigma Merrell cameras more and more. I shoot raw + jpegs and find myself using SPP to convert to 16 bit Tiff files and then finishing them off in LR. SPP works okay but is very slow to load and not very precise in many of the adjustments. I've played with Iridient with...
  16. rybolt

    50% off Millar bags from F Stop Bags

    There's a great deal from F Stop bags right now. All bags in the Millar line are 50% off using the discount code millar50. I just picked up a Shibata and a Bandon in Silver Sage and they're the perfect size for a mirrorless system. The sale is good until the 18th...
  17. rybolt

    Testing the 10-24

    all on the X Pro 1. ASA 400. Most exposures were at 1 second at f11. I got most of a B52 in the frame. Just missed by one wing. Got the important part of the C47.
  18. rybolt

    Expired Kodak 35-80 viewfinder and Gariz Case for Sigma | Location: USA | Ships: Worldwide

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Kodak 35-80 viewfinder and Gariz Case for Sigma Prices Kodak 35-80mm Viewfinder- $35 Gariz Half Case for Sigma Merrill-$60 Location USA Ships to Worldwide Description I picked up both of these items in a recent...
  19. rybolt

    Hope I'm not turning into a hipster

    I've found myself slowly going retro. Over the last year or so I've found myself moving farther away from the automation in the cameras. When the Nikon F3 came out I started shooting aperture priority. With the Leicas and the medium format cameras I still used meters but if automation was...
  20. rybolt

    Military Aircraft

    I live 15 minutes from the National Museum of the US Air Force. In the past 45 years I've been there four times and two of those times were this week. I'm testing the Merrill cameras and these were with either the DP1M or DP2M. ASA 200 shutter speeds as long as 10 seconds. Opened in SPP...
  21. rybolt

    Sigma Looking for a starting point

    I'm a new Merrill owner. In fact, I won't even have them (DP1M and DP3M) until tomorrow. I have a short shooting session the day after I get them at the National Museum of the US Air Force. I think I'd like to take the Sigmas along and shoot some pictures after I finish with my project using the...
  22. rybolt

    Looking forward to learning!

    Being the proud new owner of a DP1M and DP3M I'm looking forward to seeing images and learning about the cameras. I am a 50 year + Nikon user and have been into the Fuji X camp for the last year. Just picked up the Sigma cameras as replacements for my 4X5 Deardorff and expect to use them...
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