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  1. Miserere

    Fuji Why Are the X-E2 Dials So Rigid???? (And Other Complaints)

    Hi Everyone, My first post here at FujiXspot. I'm a long-time Pentax DSLR user, most recently shooting with a Samsung NX10 + 30mm f/2 for my street photography. For a few years I wrote and edited Enticing the Light, where I championed the Fuji X100 from day 1. Never actually got one because...
  2. Miserere

    Review: Ricoh GXR Camera with 28 and 50mm Lens-Sensor Modules

    Introduction The Ricoh GXR body and lensors came loaded with firmware v.1.18. I tried out the 50mm on my way back from work and found the AF to be very slow; once on the metro it struggled to focus in that poor light and most of the time just gave up. I didn’t feel positive about the upcoming...
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