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    Expired Olympus XZ-1

    I purchased this camera on December 29th and added an AAMAX screen protector and a Richard Franiec custom grip. asking $350 I will ship for free to any US address through USPS priority mail. I will accept paypal as a gift transaction. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay. Please let me know if...
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    PC laptop recommendation

    I just sold my iPad2 so I could get a Macbook Air. The iPad was great but the limitations were bugging me more and more, especially typing on a touch pad. So I decide to go the MBA route however I see I can get a lot more computer for less if I go the PC route. I have a iMAC desktop too so I...
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    Ricoh Rethinking the GXR lensor

    I purchased a used A12 50mm back in September for my first Ricoh ever and I was very happy with it. It was working just fine until a few weeks ago when it started to occasionally freeze I updated to the latest firmware and that made it worse, completely unusable. I contacted Ricoh and they said...
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    GRD IV and Olympus XZ-1 comparable or complimentary

    I love the pics I have been seeing from the XZ-1. If those who have or have used both cameras can comment on how you use each one. Pros and Cons too. BH is selling the XZ-1 for $399 Thanks
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    Ricoh GRD IV Conflicted

    I own the GXR with the A12 50mm and I really like it. I was also interested in the A12 28mm or the GRD III leaning more towards the III so I could have a second take anywhere camera. At the time I did not have the funds for either. I ended up buying a used Sigma DP1 even though I read how hard...
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    Expired Sigma DP1

    Up for sale is my Sigma DP1. This camera takes amazing photos but as you might know already it's not the most user friendly. I just received my Ricoh GRD IV and I want to focus on that camera. Included in this sale is the camera with the lens cover, 2 batteries , wall charger, HA-11 hood...
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    Just discoverd Seriouscompacts this past weekend. It seems like a very cool positive community. I use a Ricoh GXR with A12 50mm and I really like it a lot. I'm also thinking about picking up a reduced price GRD III now that the IV is out.
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