1 inch

  1. gryphon1911

    Xiaomi 12S Ultra - Smartphone with 1 Inch Sony Quad Bayer Sensor

    https://petapixel.com/2022/07/05/leica-branded-xiaomi-12s-ultra-has-worlds-biggest-smartphone-sensor/ 1 Inch Sony 50 megapixel sensor with a 13mm f/1.9 lens in front of it. From the article:
  2. Herman

    Which Format?

    As seen on internet. Format discussion. Is Medium Format worth it? (Canon R6) I'm asking: Is Full Frame worth it? (APS-C) Is APS-C Format worth it? (MFT) Is MFT Format woth it? (1 inch) Is 1 inch Format worth it? (compact sensor) Is Smartphone Format worth it? (?) What you think?