1. Roboticspro

    Manual Lens TTartisan 100mm f2.8 Triplet (Soap Bubble Bokeh Monster)

    Good Afternoon, I received the lens this morning, mounted it to my Canon 5D Mk II via a cheap "chipped" adapter, and had some fun. It is very well built, all metal with a good feel, similar to old SMC Pentax lenses and the like. It is an air-spaced triplet, with a 13-blade iris, 49mm filter...
  2. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Manual Lens TTArtisan 100mm f 2.8 Macro 2x Tilt-Shift

    Still testing out this new lens. Tried out the Shift ability, while only 8° in each direction, it gave me approximately 56 MP in 1:1 format out of my 32 MP sensor in panorama stitching, not bad but not great. I was shooting handheld ao the alignment is not perfect all around but it was easily...
  3. mnhoj

    Manual Lens Nikon 100mm F2.8E

    A nice compact 100mm F2.8 lens that was designed to be a value option. Wasn't allowed to carry the Nikkor name with its plasticky build. Which actually translates well to this modern mirrorless age being lighter and cheaper. My copy is sharp but needs a few stops for out of camera contrast. It...
  4. SIJ 21 - Laundry day

    SIJ 21 - Laundry day