1. MiguelATF

    Manual Lens Pergear 12mm f/2 (Fuji X)

    In my (ongoing) search for the right ultra wide angle lens to use with my Fujifilm camera (currently an X-T5), I purchased this relatively unknown lens, lightly used, for about $100. The lens is currently selling for about $140 (USD) brand new so no one in their right mind would call the lens...
  2. gryphon1911

    Challenge! My Gear A Week Challenge - Week 12 - Leica M240 - Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 and Mitakon 28mm f/5.6

    More Leica, but this time Wide and Ultra Wide! Still trying to get to grips with the 12mm, but I got to use it and practice in order to understand it! Started today with the Ultra Wide as the 28mm should get here on 4/10. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  3. Herbert Hound

    Manual Lens Meike 12mm f/2.8 mk II (Fuji X)

    This Meike 12mm f/2.8 popped up during a random search with £50 off plus a 5% discount voucher... so I picked it up for £98 inc. postage. I probably wouldn't have bought it at full price but it seemed like a bit of fun to help while away the hours until Spring. It seems suitably solid and well...
  4. AndyMcD

    Manual Lens 7Artisans 12mm f/2.8 mk II (Fuji X)

    This lens was announced late December 2022, but I happened on it by accident whilst browsing Amazon. The mk I is a pretty well regarded lens but didn't have a filter thread (you had to buy some proprietary adaptor). The mkII has a 67mm thread and also has a new optical formula. Both lenses are...
  5. OldRadioGuy

    Panasonic Lumix G 12mm f1.4

    Panasonic obviously didn't make any money on this early-entry prime in MFT, but I prefer it over the smaller and much lighter Oly 12mm.
  6. gryphon1911

    Manual Lens Samyang 12mm f/2

    When I left the m43 world, I wanted something that was similar to the Laowa 7.5mm f/2 but in Fuji X mount. I feel this is it!!
  7. Surf's up at Mattiscombe

    Surf's up at Mattiscombe

  8. Stubble and cloud

    Stubble and cloud

  9. Overhanging tree

    Overhanging tree

  10. Suffering the ravages of time

    Suffering the ravages of time

  11. corn powah!

    corn powah!

  12. patterns


    a building in a suburban industrial park...
  13. heavy processing

    heavy processing

    Dynamic contrasting, contrast and structure boost, custom lens vignette, burn edges and sepia toning in Silver Efex.
  14. signs


    (#37 extra credit, which i definitely am going to need!) Lunch hour bike ride through the city park and I saw this sign at the archery range. Next challenge, I will have to learn archery and then do something here more advanced like launching a camera body, catching flaming arrows (with...
  15. summertime (not quite yet)

    summertime (not quite yet)

    the public beach at a small lake in a nearby city park... even though we had a unseasonably warm winter, spring looks back to normal and it will be a few weeks before the summer activities really begin.
  16. time has passed

    time has passed

    I drove by an abandoned school bus I had captured one and thought it would make a decent "time has passed." I did almost get a tick for the cause... found a little deer tick crawling up my pants after getting back to the car.
  17. entropy


    Abandoned farmhouse in Western Wisconsin small dairy country. Captured with E-M5 and Panasonic-Leica 25mm lens.
  18. SIJ - DAY31

    SIJ - DAY31

    in the naaaaaaame of love......... I was feeling playful today being the last day of the SiJ challenge so I decided to recycle an old idea and took this image for my last entry in SiJ.
  19. SIJ - Day 31  The water of life

    SIJ - Day 31 The water of life

    This is a mere 150 yards up the lane from my cottage. It's the outflow of a small spring fed reservoir, virtually all the houses in the village (about 30) use this water as their water supply. This supply was gifted to the village by the last owner of the Charleton estate, the Marquis of...
  20. My cottage on a wet day, rear elevation

    My cottage on a wet day, rear elevation

    The colour version of my SIJ - Day 30 entry
  21. My cottage on a bright day, front elevation

    My cottage on a bright day, front elevation

  22. SIJ - DAY30

    SIJ - DAY30

    Ghost Dog Was really strapped for time today and this was the best I could do about 15 minutes before day 30 ends.
  23. SIJ - Day 30  My cottage on a rainy day

    SIJ - Day 30 My cottage on a rainy day

    A very difficult choice today, it was rather wet and I didn't venture beyond my back gate (it's actually in the photograph). Had Chris our local postman made more concessions in his mode of dress to the weather he may well have made it to the SIJ, as it is he'll have to be content with the...
  24. Village Postman - Chris

    Village Postman - Chris

    It's a wet, cold day but Chris has made few concessions to the weather, a fleece top and a cap seem to be the only additions. I've seen him in his shorts with frost on the ground. Perhaps Royal mail cut backs mean they only issue their postmen with shorts these days. I did speak to him from my...
  25. SIJ - Day 29  Derelict farm machinery

    SIJ - Day 29 Derelict farm machinery

    Not a great deal to say about this. Local knowledge meant I knew where to find it and the sort of lighting conditions in which to tackle the subject, which was essentially overcast to eliminate the strong shadows that would otherwise have made the shot more difficult. This morning was the morning.
  26. SIJ - DAY29

    SIJ - DAY29

    Bolte bridge from the Docklands While I was taking my Day 28 photo in the Docklands, I completely lost track of time and ended up staying there till midnight, and since it's officially the 'next day' I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take my day 29 photo.
  27. SIJ - DAY28

    SIJ - DAY28

    Blackbird in the night I was walking around Melbourne's Docklands when I came across a statue of Graham Kennedy (for the folks not from oz or for the youngens Graham Kennedy used to be a famous TV personality) while I found his statue to be a bit mundane I did find the statue of the bird by...
  28. Top end of Kings Arms Passage

    Top end of Kings Arms Passage

    One of the passageways of Fore Street, Kingsbridge
  29. Top end of Wisteria Place

    Top end of Wisteria Place

    One of the passageways off Fore Street, Kingsbridge
  30. An old "sea-dog"

    An old "sea-dog"

    This is one of three men who were sorting out the rigging of their "Cornish Shrimper" prior to stepping the mast.
  31. SIJ - Day 28  Two old "sea-dogs"

    SIJ - Day 28 Two old "sea-dogs"

    Just after sunrise this morning I took a short bus ride into Kingsbridge. From the bus I saw three men working on the slipway on the opposite shore. It turned out they were sorting out the rigging on their "Cornish Shrimper" prior to stepping the mast and launching the boat...
  32. SIJ - DAY27

    SIJ - DAY27

    Soltitude I originally took this shot for the weekly challenge with the soltitude theme, I wanted the viewer to look into an empty beach, a jetty and a street devoid of any life and give the viewer a feeling of solace.
  33. White Hart Passage, Kingsbridge

    White Hart Passage, Kingsbridge

    Oh dear, some of the things you see when you look beneath the facade.
  34. Squeeze Belly Lane from the bottom

    Squeeze Belly Lane from the bottom

    This is Squeeze Belly Lane in Kingsbridge, one of the narrowest public thoroughfares in the UK. The person in this shot is at about the narrowest part.
  35. The top end of Squeeze Belly Lane

    The top end of Squeeze Belly Lane

    This lane might be the narrowest thoroughfare in the UK, it's certainly close to it. This is the top end where it widens out a bit.
  36. SIJ - Day 27  The welcoming face of First

    SIJ - Day 27 The welcoming face of First

    This is Clive, one of our local bus drivers and the husband of Mo (My favourite "barperson" day 25) waiting at Kingsbridge with the 09:15 from Dartmouth, departing Kingsbridge 10:30, arriving Plymouth 11:32. Clive has already done an early run Dartmouth-Kingsbridge-Dartmouth and after...
  37. SIJ - DAY26

    SIJ - DAY26

    Lest we forget
  38. SIJ - Day 26  A shower clearing east

    SIJ - Day 26 A shower clearing east

    Yet another quick post breakfast dash up the hill behind my cottage, thankfully not all the way this time. This is the next to last (it was an equally quick dash home to avoid the last) of the early morning blustery showers after some heavy overnight rain. Could it be that the ghost of that...
  39. Charlie


    As usual propping up the bar at The Queens Arms, Slapton
  40. Sandra confirming my choice of glass

    Sandra confirming my choice of glass

    Landlady Sandra at The Queens Arms, Slapton confirms with my my choice of usual "Addlestones" glass
  41. SIJ - DAY25

    SIJ - DAY25

    Into the light I took this photo as a candid when she was leaving the shop, I wasn't sure what the camera settings were or if it was even in focus, I was surprised how turned out so I decided to use this as my day 25 image.
  42. SIJ - Day 25   My favourite "barperson"

    SIJ - Day 25 My favourite "barperson"

    This is Mo pulling a pint of Otter Bitter. As some of you will know I make a habit of going to The Queens Arms at Slapton on a Friday for fish and chips and a pint of cider. Well I know today's not Friday and I promise I didn't have any fish (I've got home made fish chowder this evening). It was...
  43. SIJ - DAY24

    SIJ - DAY24

    Cooling off by the bay It's been very warm this week and people usually cool off by the beach in the evening.
  44. SIJ - Day 24   Derelict Barn (1st floor)

    SIJ - Day 24 Derelict Barn (1st floor)

    Today there are times when curtains of rain are sweeping across the fields, so a sheltered shot was called for. This is the 1st floor of the derelict barn featured on day 16. This shot was obtained through a missing plank in the door at the end of the barn, the camera was inside on the rising...
  45. SIJ - DAY23

    SIJ - DAY23

    Williamstown Timeball Lighthouse I'm feeling a tad bit better today so I went for a drive nearby and took a photo of this timeball tower which also served as a lighthouse in the late 1900's
  46. SIJ - Day 23  Delivering winter fuel

    SIJ - Day 23 Delivering winter fuel

    Another neighbour has her fuel delivered. You guys are going to think my village is a hot bed of "street" photography. Let me see, the dustbin men are here tomorrow, then maybe John Hannaford the butcher will be here on Wednesday, otherwise I'll have to wait until he is here on...
  47. Guarding the lorry, or practicing his reversing?

    Guarding the lorry, or practicing his reversing?

    Coal delivery to a neighbour, this is the drivers dog
  48. SIJ - Day 22   Gathering winter fuel

    SIJ - Day 22 Gathering winter fuel

    Serendipity 4 days running! With about 30 houses in my village, and not all of those occupied full time, it's unusual to chance upon something happening in the "street". I was off down the estuary on what was proving a difficult day when, just 2 minutes from my cottage I came across a...
  49. SIJ - DAY22

    SIJ - DAY22

    Reflecting at the end of the day I'm feeling quite ill today and this was the only image I was able to take.
  50. SIJ - DAY21

    SIJ - DAY21

    Captus In Perpetuas Aeternitates I took inspiration with the images of statues in a cemetery uploaded by Dave recently, so I decided to try my hand at it. I actually like it and may take more photos from the same place for my PAD shoots in the coming days (well nights in my case)