1. An unconventional method

    An unconventional method

  2. A conventional method

    A conventional method

  3. Plymouth Lifeboat off Stoke Point

    Plymouth Lifeboat off Stoke Point

  4. Breaking seas

    Breaking seas

  5. Coastguard search and rescue team

    Coastguard search and rescue team

  6. A lone searcher

    A lone searcher

  7. Pilot Cove

    Pilot Cove

  8. Netton Island

    Netton Island

  9. Pedestrian gate

    Pedestrian gate

  10. Slaughter house

    Slaughter house

  11. Swing bridge

    Swing bridge

  12. Detail, makers name plate

    Detail, makers name plate

  13. Detail (Naval Anchor)

    Detail (Naval Anchor)

  14. Ornate bollard

    Ornate bollard

  15. Crane and clock tower

    Crane and clock tower

  16. Crane


  17. River frontage

    River frontage

  18. Main Gate

    Main Gate

  19. Mask


  20. Maker near Mayflower steps

    Maker near Mayflower steps

  21. Entering the Cattewater

    Entering the Cattewater

  22. Remebrance tributes

    Remebrance tributes

  23. Plymouth naval war memorial

    Plymouth naval war memorial

  24. Rememberance crowds

    Rememberance crowds

  25. End of the silence

    End of the silence

  26. Alone with his memories

    Alone with his memories

  27. Smeatons Tower

    Smeatons Tower

  28. Standard bearers

    Standard bearers

  29. Marine drummers

    Marine drummers

  30. Remembrance parade

    Remembrance parade

  31. Artillery, ancient and modern

    Artillery, ancient and modern

  32. Final nudging into the berth

    Final nudging into the berth

  33. Passing Mount Batten Pier

    Passing Mount Batten Pier

  34. The "Winter" under tow

    The "Winter" under tow

  35. Tanker Northern Ocean

    Tanker Northern Ocean

  36. Beam Trawler Admiral Blake

    Beam Trawler Admiral Blake

  37. P1060406


    gf1 with 14-140mm, wonderful walk around lens
  38. Gabriella


    gf1 with 14-140
  39. GH2 + 14-140 @ ISO 640

    GH2 + 14-140 @ ISO 640

  40. 1st Bud of Spring

    1st Bud of Spring

    Taken with the GF1 and PL 14-140mm lens