1. SIJ 31 - Never ending

    SIJ 31 - Never ending

    Not SIJ but shovelling snow in a snow storm - a never ending task. However, ours now has ended and SIJ is over.
  2. SIJ day 30 - The Bee

    SIJ day 30 - The Bee

    Driving around today spotted this and some other great walls; PS, Color Efex, HDR:Lens (mm): 7.1 ISO: 400 Aperture: 3.6 Shutter: 1/500 Exp. Comp.: -0.3
  3. SIJ 28 - Dog walkers

    SIJ 28 - Dog walkers

    Another lovely day (for winter that is) and the dog walkers were out in full force.
  4. SIJ 27 - Rose hip

    SIJ 27 - Rose hip

    Dreadful weather. A quick trip to the back yard and a rose hip in a snow storm.
  5. SIJ day 16-Paradise Captured

    SIJ day 16-Paradise Captured

    As I went to Fedex to drop off the GXR 28 I am returning, I spotted these beautiful Bird of Paradise in full bloom, so I thought for a change of pace, I thought I would show what the X10 can do with very little post processing in color, PS, Lens (mm): 28.4 ISO: 400 Aperture: 4 Shutter: 1/500...
  6. SIJ 12 - On the street where I live

    SIJ 12 - On the street where I live

    The weather is truly awful today. Grey and windy and it can't make up its mind whether to rain snow or sleet. This desperation shot is the result of a quick run out the door and point up the street.