1. Green Carpet

    Green Carpet

  2. Brimstone Moth

    Brimstone Moth

  3. Herb Robert

    Herb Robert

    The flower is about 0.7" (18 mm) across, and growing on the stone wall at the rear of my cottage.
  4. Water Drop on Lords and Ladies

    Water Drop on Lords and Ladies

  5. Cloud and sun

    Cloud and sun

  6. Rusty gudgeon

    Rusty gudgeon

  7. SIJ 27 - Rose hip

    SIJ 27 - Rose hip

    Dreadful weather. A quick trip to the back yard and a rose hip in a snow storm.
  8. SIJ 22 - Fisherman

    SIJ 22 - Fisherman

    He appeared every morning. He fished by rolling up his line and waiting for the right moment to throw it on the out going wave and then reeling it in. I never saw him catch anything.
  9. SIJ Day 15 - Pacific Sunset

    SIJ Day 15 - Pacific Sunset

    I know it's been done before - many times but, it was a long day and I didn't have the energy for anything other than sitting on the balcony and taking shots of the sunset.
  10. Ice Fishing

    Ice Fishing

    The sun came out while I was having lunch but by the time I got organized to go out it had disappeared. So another flat light photo.