1. davect01

    Documentary Summer Pool Time

    Come on already Finally
  2. davect01

    Cousin Valentine Shoot

    We spent some time at our local park with a cousin and her mom. The stuffed dog was not supposed to be part of the shoot but the little one would not let it go so we went with it. I am not a Pro Portrait shooter so be gentle.
  3. davect01

    Stroll After Christmas Park Trip, learning to Rollarblade

    One of her Christmas gifts was a set of rollerblades. We have taken a few park trips to try and get more secure and get out of the house. A6400 and 18-135mm Still not perfect, took a few tumbles But she is proud of herself
  4. davect01

    Christmas Baking

    We made some sugar cookies and Gingerbread Houses A6400 and 18-135mm and MEKE flash
  5. davect01

    Halloween Fun

    We had as much of a fun time as we could considering the Covid Pandemic A6400 and 50mm SEL A6400 and 18-135mm
  6. davect01

    Christmas Portraits

    We were at a Christmas concert and they had this photo booth set up so of course, we had to take a few A6000 and 18-135mm
  7. davect01

    Spring Decor

    A6000 and 18-135mm
  8. davect01

    Vintage Aircraft and Military Vehicles

    Spent some time at a local municipal airport that has a great little museum that has events throughout the year Falcon Field Airport | Home A6000 and 18-135mm
  9. davect01

    Birds Neighborhood Hooter

    A6000 and 18-135mm, slightly cropped
  10. davect01

    Birds Dove on my wall

    A6000 and 18-135mm Taken at different times throughout the day
  11. davect01

    Horse Farm House Tour

    Spent some time with some beautiful horses over the weekend ArabHorse Farm Tour - Tour Schedule - Scottsdale A6000 and 18-135mm did me well
  12. davect01

    Winter Hike

    Had some time yesterday and took a short hike on one of our local trails My short hiking pack. A large water bottle holder fits my A6000 and most of my lenses quite well and keeps the kit really secure. (Shot on my Note 5) A6000 and 18-135mm This short trail as a lot of signage
  13. davect01

    Statues and Howitzer

    A few shots at our local Memorial Park. Thought they turned out nice in B&W A6000 and 18-135mm
  14. twinkiethekidd

    Completed For Sale: Fujifilm 18-135mm & 14mm| Location: USA | Ships: USA

    What type of listing is this? For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Fujinon 18-135mm & 14mm What are your prices? $530 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? USA Description Im selling my lightly used Fujifilm XF 18-135mm and XF 14mm. Glass in...