1. Bobby T

    Fuji Fuji replacing the 18-55?

    The next lens Fuji is launching looks like it would be replacement to the 18-55. Which really doesn’t need replacing. It will be a 16-55 r wr. https://www.fujirumors.com/leaked-fujinon-xf16-50mm-f-2-8-4-8-r-lm-wr-coming-to-replace-xf18-55mm/...
  2. retiredfromlife

    Fuji 18-55 Lens Firmware Update Question

    I just downloaded the update for the Fuji 18-55 kit lens firmware v3.24 dated 09.29.2022 from the Fuji site. It downloaded as "XFUP0004.zip" The zip contained two files XFUP0004.DAT, 385kb XFUP0046.DAT, 509kb So far I have only updated Fuji bodies not lenses no not sure what their update files...
  3. Bobby T

    Around the house with the 18-55

    Since I had a realization recently, which lead to a need to change my lens lineup. I have taken possession of a mint 18-55. So you get another around the house thread. On a side not. Deciding to go with a 2 prime kit for studio style portraits. With the primes based on the three locations one...
  4. K

    Fuji 18-55 vs 16-55

    Posted a question about this in another section, but figured I'd ask here to see if anyone else had input. I'm looking at these two choices to go on an XT-1. I'm a Nikon user used to big heavy glass, but I would like to drastically cut down what I'm carrying. This is going to be a traveling...
  5. theoldsmithy

    Fuji X-E2: still a good buy?

    I’m tempted by an X-E2 with 18-55 in the Fuji refurb store at £399. I’ve had an X-E1 and X-T1 but could never raid the piggybank for the 18-55 lens. With the latest firmware, is the X-E2 a good buy?
  6. C

    Evening walk in East-Iceland

    Some images from todays walk after work in Neskaupstaður, eastern Iceland. All images with the X-Pro2 and XF14/2.8 and 18-55.