1. mike3996

    21mm in the Rain

    Constant drizzle but there was light out there. Tight spaces, reflective surfaces. I knew it would be a smart idea to simplify my gear to an umbrella and the 21mm prefocused to cover 2 m and thereabouts. No chimping, no adjusting focus (very difficult anyway one-handed). In contrast to my usual...
  2. mike3996

    After the Rain (21mm)

    Sudden showers, wild gusts of wind. I could do without these I guess! But luckily the evening sun showed itself quickly afterwards. I captured some early Fall impressions with the Voigtländer 21 mm f/3.4 classic.
  3. Clouds above the lane

    Clouds above the lane

    This is the scene above the lane up the hill behind my cottage
  4. Cloudscape


  5. Slapton Sands Memorial

    Slapton Sands Memorial