4k monitor

  1. mike3996

    4K TV as the computer monitor

    So here I am, decided to solve my screen estate problems with a 4K television from LG. Because this thing is 49" UHD with an IPS panel for 350 € there's surely something wrong with this. Well let's find out! The store I bought this from has a most generous return policy so I have about a month...
  2. Chris2500dk

    Got a 4K screen, end of pixel peeping?

    So I finally got around to replacing my 25" 2560x1440 Dell monitor with a LG 27UD58 27" 4K one. I find that the prices are reasonable now, and spending a lot of time looking at photos and working with photos I felt I could justify the expense. Fortulately my wife agreed :D At first I was...
  3. J

    Anyone here have a Benq Bl2711U 4k(almost) monitor?

    I just purchased the above monitor from the Benq website and have had it for two days now. The color, resolution and features are awesome as most of the reviews said. I got a refurbished one for $397.00. I replaced a dell U2713HM. Would like to compare experiences on using it with Lightroom and...