1. KillRamsey

    Fuji Showcase Kids Triathalon with the XC 50-230

    Usual annual deal. I volunteer along with ~2 others to cover it. This year, I was the Group shot at the end (because I own the Rokinon 12, and not much else will do it), and the Finish Line. Shooting the finish means waiting, shooting what you can see of the beginning stages, and then a...
  2. AndyMcD

    Fuji Struggling with the 50-230

    I've been trying my hand at wildlife for the past few days. My only decently long lens (past 90) is the 50-230 and I tried it out yesterday on some local birds. I was using single drive mode and AFC with a 5x5 zone and found it a struggle to get anything sharp. These are the best three from the...
  3. drd1135

    Fuji X-E3, 35 1.4, and the 50-230 at Disneyworld

    I took a lighter load to Disney this year but was very pleased with the aforementioned kit. The 35 was great at night and the telezoom was surprisingly sharp for the economy model. The XE3, however, was really great to use. I've taken the Pen F to the same places before and even without IBIS...
  4. Bill Allsopp

    Birds Bullfinch (with the cheapo 50-230)

    Yet again the little Fuji comes good. XC 50-230 iso 4000 f 6.7 - 1/400 I still fancy the 100-400 though!