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  1. davect01

    Trip to our local Aquarium

    We spent some time at our local Aquarium OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, AZ - The Southwest's Largest Aquarium I had in tow the A6400 and 50mm 1.8. Aquarium shooting can be a real challenge. Dim lighting, fast-moving creatures, weird reflections and no flash allowed makes it tough. Still, I...
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    Cousin Valentine Shoot

    We spent some time at our local park with a cousin and her mom. The stuffed dog was not supposed to be part of the shoot but the little one would not let it go so we went with it. I am not a Pro Portrait shooter so be gentle.
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    Halloween Fun

    We had as much of a fun time as we could considering the Covid Pandemic A6400 and 50mm SEL A6400 and 18-135mm
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    4th of July Portraits

    Spent a few hours waiting for the fireworks to begin Sun had just set when we got there but we tried to get a few pictures anyway. A6000 and 50mm SEL
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    Hot Air Balloon Festival

    Our town had a fun balloon glow event. Even though it got pretty chilly for us, it was fun hanging out, watching the balloons and chatting with neighbors Balloon glow in fountain Park closes out 2018 A6000 and 50mm on a monopod got the job done. First the Balloons and the fire that gets...
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    A6000 and 50mm SEL. Thank goodness for a flash What a crazy night. We went to a Haunted house that our niece was a participant in. He puts on quite a show. It is kind of a weird holiday that I'm not crazy about it but my wife loves it.
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    Performing Arts Firebreather

    Some GIF's from Halloween A6000 and 50mm SEL
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    Performing Arts Night Time Interpretive/Modern Dance Show

    Went last night to a night show of various interpretive dance performances. spark! AFTER DARK A6000 and 50mm SEL did me well. Hanging out, taking selfies: Lady painting a mural: On to the dancing: See more here: photos A6000: Night time Dance Show 50mm SEL
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    Easter Pageant

    The yearly Easter Pageant in Mesa, AZ Mesa Easter Pageant Trusty A6000 the 55-210mm and 50mm (people shots were with the 55-210, flower and pageant shots with the 50mm) The People My wife Random others We know her, she was one of the performers Photographers at work...
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    New Years Eve Ice Skating

    Our annual ice skating trip in downtown Phoenix. Yes, even though it was 70 F we still had fine. CitySkate Holiday Ice Rink A6000 and 50mm SEL
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    Christmas Eve

    Hope you all had a fantastic Holiday season. A few shots from our crew Christmas Eve Light tour A6000 and 50mm SEL Christmas Lights on the Mesa Arizona Temple Grounds
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    Christmas Concert

    Went to one of our big local Christmas events with our nieghbor Winter Wonder - | ScottsdaleBible.com A6000 and 50mm SEL Before the show portraits: The concert: And a few more shots afterwards:
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    Christmas Light Parade

    Went to our Kickoff Christmas Parade in Tempe, AZ. A lot of fun with some very creative displays A6000 and 50mm SEL. Set to ISO 3200 and F1.8
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    Last weekend I got the chance to get back in the saddle with some friends. Some old hands like myself, (I used to work the summers in High School on a Ranch), and some newbies. A6000 and 50mm f1.8 Just love this one That's me Dang Cactus
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    Tempe Town Lake Night Shots

    A6000 and 50mm SEL on an overcast night The lights are a bit strong, but I kind of like it, especially the long blue one.
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    Bike Riding

    One of our Foster Girls all decked out for bike riding A6000 and 50mm SEL
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    Ice Skating in Phoenix, AZ for New Years Eve

    We spent another fine New Years Eve on the Ice with our Foster Girls, lots of fun had by all. Intro A6000 and 50mm SEL. The lights were constantly changing, from a bright white to a dark blue. That and the other skaters getting in the way, made for some tricky shots. I kept in it "P" mode...
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    Christmas Light Portraits

    Spent Sunday evening exploring Christmas Lights Christmas Lights on the Mesa Arizona Temple Grounds Took a few shots of the crew. A6000 and 50mm SEL. All handheld, with ISO 6400
  19. davect01

    Tempe Light Parade

    First Christmas Event of the Season. Tempe, AZ puts on a light parade, a lot of fun. Took along the A6000 and 50mm SEL. I had to bump up to ISO 6400 to get anything descent.
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    Halloween Night and Traveling Fair

    Out for the night to our town's local Halloween Event. The main drag gets decked out and a traveling fair comes in. http://www.halloweeninthehills.com/ A6000 and 50mm SEL Any guesses on her Character My wife loves being silly And a couple of the rides Parts of our crew