1. davect01

    Birds Morning Dove Shots

    A couple images of a dove I spotted this morning. A6000 and 70-150mm Vivitar
  2. davect01

    Birds Hummingbirds, Finally caught one. A6000 and 70-150mm

    Finally able to catch one of these little fellas. A6000 and 70-150mm Vivitar Hin's Photo Corner: Kiron 70-150mm f/3.8 and 2x matched mulitplier
  3. davect01

    Birds Hunting Doves (NEX-6 and 70-150mm Vivitar)

    This dove was just sitting quietly on my wall. I decided to see how close I could get, step by step. A couple steps in. A few more steps, about 5 feet away. And then he flew away. NEX-6 and 70-150mm Vivitar