1. gryphon1911

    Arnold Sports Festival 2024 - Guns and Hoses Boxing (image heavy)

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  2. gryphon1911

    Arnold Sports Festival 2024 - Muay Thai (image heavy)

    Custom DxO Filmpack 7 preset based on Kodak T-Max 3200 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  3. gryphon1911

    Arnold Sports Festival 2024 - Ohio Combat League

    DxO Filmpack 7 custom preset based off of Kodak T-Max 3200. Had a bit of an issue with access to cage-side this year, so had to shoot from the general admission section and a long lens. Not quite what I had hoped for but as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! 1 2 3...
  4. gryphon1911

    Arnolds Sports Festival 2024 - Pillow Fight League (image heavy)

    Yes, it is what you think it is. Points scored by clean hits the the head and torso. 1 - kids division 2 3 4 5 - adults division 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  5. gryphon1911

    Arnold Sports Festival 2024 - MAS Wrestling (image heavy)

    Originating in Russia, this sport's rules are relatively simple. Pull the stick from your opponents hand, pull them over to your side of the board, pull the opponent so that both feet come off the board. Created a custom preset in DxO Filmpack 7 starting off with Kodak T-Max 3200 as the base...
  6. amarus

    Sports My Motorsport Photos

    Hi, I would like to introduce myself briefly: I come from Austria and my great passions are motorsport and photography. That's why I attend various motorsport events every year as often as I can, for example the Members Meeting and the Festival of Speed in Goodwood, races in the GT Open Series...
  7. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls High School Gymnastics - 2023-24 Season - First Practice Session

    Good Morning, A few shots of my schools' team for this season, with a mix of new freshmen and returning seniors. Trying out some new lenses purchased this year in the marginal lighting that their private training facility needs to update...:rolleyes: Regards, Edd
  8. Bill in Texas

    Sports Jr. High Basketball - My middle Grandgirl

    My middle grandgirl is in the 7th grade, 13 YO, and almost 6' tall. She is number 15 and a fierce competitor. My son, her dad, is 6'5", while I'm 6'. They live a couple of hours away so I have to pick and choose games to see. A few shots from last night.
  9. jhawk1000

    Basketball with Fujifilm

    I decided to get off my rear and go to the basketball game at the school Linda and I shot football. They were not good in basketball and got blown out by perennial power Heights. I was good to see my football boys cheering the team on. It did me good to get out and see and talk to my old...
  10. AntonLargiader

    Sports Volleyball 2023

    I know the HS season is wrapping up but I'm sure we have a few VB shooters here with something to show. FWIW I tend to spend the first game next to the scorer's table shooting mostly the back row, the second on the other side (again shooting mostly the back row) and the third shooting through...
  11. IanE

    Sports Cricket in all its glory

    Having searched as best I can, I cannot see a thread assigned to the premier game of the commonwealth. So as the season starts this weekend, I'll start with a post.
  12. 2SHOES

    Ellensburg Cowboy Cross

    Last night, I went to watch a good friend race in the Ellensburg Cowboy Cross. I took the camera, with the intention of experimenting with motion blur, figuring out how to photograph high speed motion in low light and bright stadium light situations. I'm learning as I go, and after taking more...
  13. MountainMan79

    Performing Arts Traditional Mexican Dance

    This troupe was fun to photograph, and I tried to both freeze and blur the action.
  14. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls High School Soccer

    Good Afternoon, My high school team during a "flying warm-up" just for the photographer; even the coach was impressed...:) Regards, Edd
  15. jhawk1000

    Sports Friday night lights

    Friday nights during the fall have meant football. Even without my shooting partner, my wife, I went and did the best I could. I hope she would be proud of my effort. She always was a better photographer!
  16. jhawk1000

    A tribute to my wife, LG Photography

    On Monday, my sweet wife Linda Gregory was on the field as always photographing "her boys" at Northwest High School in their football actions as she has done for the past 9 years. She was hit trying to get out of the way by two football players in full gear and she was knocked to the ground and...
  17. will focus


    Under the Sports header I looked for a thread about Golf. I found just about every sport, including Dog Surfing, but no Golf. So, here's some golf. This set is actually my first foray into golf documentary and was achieved between bites of a Panko encrusted Whitefish sandwich with fries while I...
  18. gryphon1911

    Amateur Disc Golf Tournament

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  19. john m flores

    Sports Cutting it close! (bicycle racing)

    I stopped by my favorite corner at the Tour of Somerville bicycle race (the oldest bicycle race in the country, I beleive). I've taken some good photos from this corner, like this one several years ago. This time, I shot more video and captured this photographer leaning in a little close...
  20. P

    Sports Mo Farah - Last London Marathon (April 2023)

    Last London Marathon for Mo Farah, London 2023. Sony A7iv/35mm f/1.8 lens
  21. jhawk1000

    League 42 honoring Jackie Robinson season begins again.

    11 years ago, my wife and I answered a call to help form an inner-city baseball league that would be affordable, would make the kids feel proud of themselves, and furnish the best equipment, coaches, umpires, and facilities. We walked the inner city area and were lucky to sign up 100 that first...
  22. gryphon1911

    Sports Arnold Sports Festival 2023 - Pole Championship Series Amateurs (image heavy)

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 More to come.
  23. gryphon1911

    Sports Arnold Sports Festival 2023 - Medieval Fighting (image heavy)

    1 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  24. gryphon1911

    Sports Arnolds Sports Festival 2023 - Guns and Hoses Boxing (image heavy)

    Charity Police versus Firefighter Exhibition Matches at the Hollywood Casino Event Center in Columbus, Ohio 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 More to come!
  25. gryphon1911

    Sports Arnold Sports Festival 2023 - MMA (image heavy)

    Ay Hollywood Casino Event Center in Columbus, Ohio. Let no one tell you that the Nikon Z6 or Z fc are incapable of capturing sports. Are they the optimal cameras? No, but are capable. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 More to come!
  26. Roboticspro

    Sports Boys High School Basketball

    Good Evening, The school I teach at had a game against the high school I graduated from 53 years ago. A complete redo of the facility had been done at some point along with updated banners hanging from above, but still showing my teams State Championship from that far away time...:) By the end...
  27. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls High School Gymnastics - Senior Night

    Good Evening, This marked the end of the season for my school team; sad to see it end. Several of the members will be continuing on college teams in the fall in Division II and III. I hope that the entering freshman can help to fill the gap that each of these young women create by moving on to...
  28. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls High School Gymnastics - Quad Competition and prep for State Meet

    Good Evening, Another Sunday afternoon in one of the local private venues that hosted local high school teams from RI. Got to use my new (to me) 1DX Mark II along with the R7; it was a great combo to cover the four stations along with each schools team rotations. Regards, Edd
  29. Roboticspro

    Sports High School Girls Gymnastics - The Details

    Good Evening, First shots using my new-to-me Canon 1DX Mark II; I bit the bullet and got it today. I cleared all the settings, but I forgot about the copywrite info (my alias is not Kim...:)). The team photo wasn't planned; their yearbook photographer never showed, so I helped the coach and the...
  30. Roboticspro

    High School Girls Gymnastics

    Good Evening, Some photos from a combined meet among seven high schools. I got to use the Canon R7 again with the Sigma 50-100mm f1.8 and the Canon 7D Mark II with my now fixed EF 24-70mm f2.8 L lens. My image processing station was chugging all night on the original RAW files, a bit over 4000...
  31. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony My gear plan for professional action pet & portrait pet photography

    Hello, I have hinted on this for some time on the forum here and there. I have been doing lots of research, started watching tutorials and guides to professional work and pet photography (and will continue to do so). In simple terms, by summer 2023, I want to offer action and portrait...
  32. jhawk1000

    Rainy night for district Football playoffs

    We photograph one of the top-ranked football teams in the highest division in our State. They are two games away from returning to the State Championship game for the 4th time in 5 years. We do not have kids in this school, just kind of adopted this school as our own and have made friends with...
  33. Brownie

    Karate Tournament

    7 year-old Grandson had his first tournament today. Took 1st in Sparring and 3rd in Forms for his age group/belt level. I have over 500 to go through, here are a couple of quick samples. Lens is Minolta Maxxum 80-200/2.8 HS G. DSC08647 by telecast, on Flickr He brought his game face...
  34. jhawk1000

    High school high level football

    My wife and I photograph a local High School football team and have for the past 8 years. This team is a powerhouse in our State and has gone to the championship game 3 out of the past 5 years. It has produced Breece Hall who is leading the New York Jets in rushing as a rookie, a young man who...
  35. gryphon1911

    Action Nova and Her Squirrels

    1 - the stalking 2 - the chase 3 4 - the escape 5 - and my favorite - a side by side!
  36. R

    Sports Dog Surfing

    Went to a dog surfing competition in Del Mar, CA for the first time since the pandemic started. Probably one of the most fun sporting events you can attend in person. (In what other sports are the competitors happy to hand together and sniff each other?). The combined human / dog teams are also...
  37. Roboticspro

    Sports Women's NCAA Division III Soccer

    Good Evening, A former student of mine, now at Union College (NY) majoring in Biomedical Engineering, played a match against Lasell College (Newton, MA). Using one of my Canon 7D's with over 340,000 clicks along with a Canon 1D Mark IV, I managed to take about 2400 photos over the 90 minutes of...
  38. MountainMan79

    BiF (Bikes in Flight)

    As our “sports and action” section is a little light, and I have a bunch of these BMX style shots, I figured I’d start a thread -
  39. William Lewis

    Film Rolleicord III back in action

    So, I am in the drawn-out process of moving back to Eau Claire for a new job at a different hotel. I just discovered there is still a real photo lab in Eau Claire that develops film in house! I’d stopped doing any film because mail order labs are prohibitively expensive. While not as cheap as...
  40. Taneli

    Kåsjön SupRun

    Today there was a SUP & Run contest called "Kåsjön SupRun". First paddling to the other side (~2.5km) then run around the lake, jump onboard and paddle back to start. Very cool! I was there to check it out. Also brought my own SUP and took a trip to the other side to get footage from there also...
  41. Roboticspro

    Kitesurfing-Board Surfing

    Good Evening, I went to Conimicut Point Beach Park in Warwick, Rhode Island to watch a young friend of mine show his talents/skills in some pretty strong winds. The Canon R7 and EF 100-400mm L worked very well together; great subject tracking with very few misfocused shots. Regards, Edd
  42. Roboticspro

    Sports High School Girls Fast-Pitch Softball

    Good Morning, It was a windy dust-bowl in Rhode Island; my high school team won (7-1) and are destined for the playoffs. All taken with MFT for this game, the Canon FF gear stayed in the Pelican case...:). Player #10 hit her 30th high school career home run, over the fence...and then some...
  43. Roboticspro

    Sports High School Boy's Baseball

    Good Morning, This was the first match-up since COVID-19 between these same-city rivals. The game went 7 innings with the win going to my home team (4 of my students playing) with a 11-5 hard-fought game. Regards, Edd
  44. jhawk1000

    Our inner city baseball league honors Jackie Robinson

    Last night was another successful start of a season for a bunch of inner-city boys and girls. It is our 8th Season and we have grown from 2 barely acceptable baseball fields to those two being renovated and a brand new turf field stadium with lights and a scoreboard for the little players. In...
  45. gryphon1911

    Sports Ascalon Sword Festival (Image Heavy)

    HEMA and Fencing were both represented. Tested out the capability of the Fuji XT4 with some primes in tandem with the Nikon Z6 and Tamron 70-200 G2. Full album over here: Ascalon Sword Festival 2022 Thought they all did well. Please enjoy! HEMA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  46. gryphon1911

    Arnold Sports Festival 2022 - Ohio Combat League MMA (Image Heavy)

    The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio was back to full swing in 2022. Took a year off in 2021 due to COVID. Wife and I are still not 100% ready to dip back into the deep end of massive events, so our exposure was limited to hitting the media room for our credentials and going to a local...
  47. kae1

    Sports Show Motorsports

    As a recent refugee from another forum I've been looking for Motorsports posts in Cameraderie as I find it inspiring to see what others are doing. Whilst there have been occasional posts relating to specific events over the years there doesn't appear to one post which collects them together. So...
  48. Roboticspro

    Sports Girls Gymnastics

    Good Evening, This was Senior night for our Girls Gymnastic Team; lighting was dismal at best, but I will end up using DxO Deep prime to clean up the keepers from this 4-way meet (over 4000 photos taken during the 2-1/2 hours). Regards, Edd
  49. jhawk1000

    Big time Basketball at my University

    Last night, my wife and I traveled 160 miles to watch my Kansas University play Texas Tech in basketball. KU is #7 in the nation and TT was 13. Our seats were in the nose bleed section of the Fieldhouse but it did not matter. I was among the 16. 299 other fans screaming for the Jayhawks. KU...
  50. jbruce

    Sleighride and horses

    Recent sleigh ride that Goodwife and I attended.