1. rayvonn

    Nikon Question about pre AI/ P Nikkor lenses and FTZ adapter

    Hope everyone’s day yesterday (it’s just gone midnight where I am) went through stress free - as it’s over, I thought I’d get back into the gear related discussions. I just wanted user confirmation (maybe experiences?) from anyone of using pre-ai Nikkor lenses with the FTZ adapter, that is...
  2. William Lewis

    Film JJC Film Digitizing Adapter and LED Light Set

    I've been shooting more film again and wanting to find a somewhat more economical approach to it. I can develop at home easily enough with daylight tanks and D-76 and Diafine but scanning has always been the bugbear in the room. Flatbeds have never been worth much for 35mm and good dedicated...
  3. Jonathan F/2

    Sony Monster LA-FE2 Nikon to Sony adapter, now with screw drive AF!

    焦点工房 on Reels | 焦点工房 · Original audio This Monster LA-FE2 adapter looks super interesting! You can now get AF with older screw drive Nikon lenses. This would be perfect for some of those older Nikon screw drive prime lenses! Now Nikon has no excuse to make their own version!
  4. mnhoj

    Completed For Sale: Metabones Nikon F to Fuji X dumb adapter | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price (see description) Item Metabones Nikon F to Fuji X dumb adapter My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description Excellent condition Metabones Nikon F to Fuji X adapter. Includes Metabones plastic case, the adapter and rear cap. $35 tyd...
  5. rayvonn

    Leica Question re Amedeo Adapter

    I have the Contax RF to M adapter which I must say is enormous fun, plus Contax RF 50mm lenses are generally smaller than their Leica counterparts and this adapter lets me focus closer. My question is can I get away with using this same adapter with Nikon S RF lenses? Yes, I know Amedeo do an...
  6. Irene McC

    New firmware (1.70) for Fringer EF-NZ adapter has been released.

    For Canon users - just passing on the annoucement. Download from here
  7. lucien

    power adapter

    HI I just picked up a second hand lamp from Goodwill. I didn't look at the power cord before I bought it. No returns non exchange. Under $10 anyway. I've never seen an outlet like this before. I'm certain it needs an ac adapter of some sort. Has anyone seen such a thing? or have any...
  8. Herman

    SD card plus adapter

    Which SD card plus adapter do you recommend for Panasonic TZ100? (32 or 64 GB) Best, Herman
  9. mike3996

    Manual Lens Urth Nikon G to mirrorless adapter.

    Urth EU sells a Nikon F to L-mount adapter for 30 €, and a Nikon G to L-mount adapter for 7 € more. I first ordered the F-L adapter but fortunately I thought about it a bit and I canceled and went for the G-L adapter instead. This G-L adapter has an aperture ring as one'd expect. With my...
  10. rflove

    Leica The Leica CL to TL adapter came in...

    Finally this afternoon the Leica CL - TL adapter came in and no surprise, it seems to fit very well, maintains focus at infinity and allows the camera to identify 6 bit coded lenses... I took a few shots with a couple of different M lenses and they rendered very sharp and beautiful images. Now...
  11. JoeLopez

    Fuji Using Nikon G lenses on Fuji x

    Who is using Nikon G glass on their Fuji X system? I am considering buying a X-E1. Which adapter are you using? Thank you.
  12. radi(c)al_cam

    Leica «Focus Adapters» aka «Focus Checkers» — LTM Only, Or Do Also Leica M Mount Versions Exist?

    By happenstance, a couple of years ago I won a CORFIELD Periflex «Focus Checker» aka «Focus Adapter» for a really good (low) price. Except the correct nomenclature of the item, the seller was describing the item quite correctly, but nevertheless I was the only bidder, IIRC. Here some links...
  13. S

    Fuji Nikon lens

    Hi, I am waiting for my XT-2 to arrive, hopefully this week. I am looking for a recommendation on what adapter to purchase so that I could use some of my Nikon lens with my new Fuji camera. Thanks for the help.
  14. Dog on the dock

    Dog on the dock

  15. Dog on the dock

    Dog on the dock

  16. G2 plus Minolta/Sony Alpha Mount 35-70 Macro

    G2 plus Minolta/Sony Alpha Mount 35-70 Macro

  17. G2 plus Minolta/Sony Alpha Mount 28/2.8

    G2 plus Minolta/Sony Alpha Mount 28/2.8

  18. G2 plus LTM Jupiter-8 50/2

    G2 plus LTM Jupiter-8 50/2

  19. G2 plus LTM Voigtlander Snapshot Skopar 25/4

    G2 plus LTM Voigtlander Snapshot Skopar 25/4

  20. G2 plus FD-mount 75-200/4 Macro

    G2 plus FD-mount 75-200/4 Macro

  21. G2 plus FD-mount 50/1.8

    G2 plus FD-mount 50/1.8

  22. G2 plus FD-mount 28/2.8 Macro

    G2 plus FD-mount 28/2.8 Macro