1. Glevum Owl

    Moving from Adobe: the story so far

    I'm done with Adobe. Up until recently I defended them and their offerings, tolerated the bugs unfixed for years, put up with that distracting line around the full screen images in LR, worked through the constant changes to the UI necessitating me relearning where commons tools now were, spent...
  2. Aushiker

    US Sues Adobe

    More details at IT News.
  3. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Adobe is trying to steal users data in Terms of Service For those who don't want to click on links or read news articles: Adobe's new Terms of Service tells uses that Adobe is allowed to access your content through manual and automatic processes for review...
  4. Irene McC

    Conflicted. Adobe looks better than Capture One's edit

    Sigh. Deeeeep sigh. I used to be a huge evangelist for Lightroom but when I switched to using mainly Fuji, I bought into Capture One (2017) and invested heavily in annual upgrades for a perpetual license. I currently have only really old Photoshop and don't intend to go on the monthly...
  5. Toddster

    Lightroom iOS missing profile(s) frustration

    Warning rant… I’m just venting here, I know this is a long time problem that for whatever reason Adobe just ignores. I absolutely love using the Adobe cloud ecosystem, I was slow to accept the subscription model but now I’m all in. I love the idea of upload once and have availability...
  6. Melo

    Canon Adobe Express

    Anyone use Adobe PhotoShop or Lightroom. So I took this photo of the moon last night and my background is just a plan black background. Any ideas on how at edit background to give this image more of an awe look.
  7. Zeus1

    Advice Wanted Adobe Camera Raw and Olympus/Panasonic lens profiles

    In ACR, under the tab Optics, there is a setting where You can choose a lens profile. Why are there no profiles for Olympus and Panasonic? Any suggestion which profile can be used instead of a specific one?
  8. Toddster

    Hot Deals! Adobe - Creative Cloud Photography Plan 1TB (1-Year Subscription) $89

    Newegg has 1-Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan w/ 1TB Cloud Storage (Digital) on sale for $119.99 - $30 with promo code BFCY2Z793 = $89.99. Amazon has it for $119. Be warned...
  9. theoldsmithy

    Hot Deals! Adobe Photography Plan (20gb) £74.99 on Amazon UK

    Prime day deal for 12 months. Code valid until 12th October (that may just be for me as my current 12 months expires then).
  10. Zeus1

    News Adobe Photoshop and computer security

    Interesting read, highly recommended. If true , Photoshop is spying on us.
  11. P

    Adobe Ai (Beta)

    Spent all afternoon playing with Adobe Ai. It's an interesting proposition that not all (photographers) will like....but some will love. I am half way between the 2 but only because my satisfaction rate is predicated by my lack of "Ai Eloquence". All the photos attached to this post had pretty...
  12. C

    Advice Wanted adobe bridge photo down loader downloads 2 copies of camera files

    (I searched for this subject and did not find what I wanted, my apologies if it is addressed.) I use Bridge photo downloader to download image files from my camera to my hard drive. I have done this for years, without any issues. Now, when I use the downloader, it download two image files for...
  13. Glevum Owl

    Adobe Shrinkflation

    Anyone else notice the Adobe reduction in what you get for your money on the photo subscription? Spotted this on my renewal email.
  14. Kevin

    Software Any Adobe Illustrator users around who could help out with something?

    I have the original .AI file for the "" logo seen in the header but I don't have AI. Are there any AI users that might be able to do a small paid job of some tweaks using the original .AI file? Thanks :)
  15. kyteflyer

    Adobe pulling apps from iOS

    Disappointing, but unsurprising. Adobe is pulling Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix (both free) from the iOS app store on 21st June. They want you to get Adobe Photoshop Express (which used to be free but is now subscription). I use Fix for some things, Its the only Adobe app I use, now, and...
  16. Coksic

    Software Adobe Super resolution - Is this the future?

    The image was taken with a 16mp Fujifilm X-E1 and Minolta 58mm f1.4 PF After processing it through the new ''super resolution'' option in ACR, this image has almost 60mp! 100% crop
  17. Aushiker

    News PSA: Adobe exposed nearly 7.5 million Creative Cloud accounts to the public

    Just a heads-up. No passwords or credit card details exposed thankfully. Source: Mashable Australia
  18. AndyMcD

    Adios Adobe

    Just cancelled my CC plan, moved over full time to Capture One Pro for Fujifilm and Gimp a few months ago and haven't looked back.
  19. CameraderieBot

    Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) What is Creative Cloud Photography plan? The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan brings amazing photography apps directly to your desktop and mobile devices. It includes Lightroom so you can easily edit...
  20. bilzmale

    Software Suggestion that Adobe might be canning its $10 a month plan.

    Not sure of the truth of the matter but this is from Petapixel. Adobe's $10 Photography Plan Gone from Site: Cheapest is $20/Month
  21. Kevin

    Apple Apple announces Aperture sunset date, suggests migration to Adobe Lightroom Classic or Apple Photos

    If you're still using Apple's Aperture on your MacOS machines, even though Apple discontinued updating it back in 2014, you'll be facing an upgrade decision. MacOS Mojave will be the last version of the OS that will support running Aperture "for technical reasons". Apple's suggestion is to...
  22. Kevin

    What's your creative type? Adobe launches quiz to analyze you.

    Adobe launched a new web site that through a series of questions will try to analyze what is your creative type. There's about 15 questions, some require deeper thought than others, but the analysis at the end is pretty interesting and can be reflective of your photography philosophy...
  23. Kevin

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 for $69 ($30 off full price) until Jan 6, 2019

    Adobe is running a sale on Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 for $69.99 which comes out to $30 off of the normal $99.99 price. Adobe's materials are showing an end date of Jan 6 for the sale price.
  24. Kevin

    Videographer sues Adobe after bug wipes out "years" of work

    Dave Cooper, a freelance videographer, has filed a class action lawsuit against Adobe after a bug in Adobe Premiere Pro video-editing suit wiped out his files and those of others. The lawsuit, filed in California last week, accuses Adobe of releasing an update that contained a file management...
  25. J

    Fuji X-T1 tethering problem with WIN10

    Hi, I also try to ask on this forum. I used Lightroom tethering plugin (purchased from Adobe add-ons) several months without any problem. After upgrade to Win10 plugin does not recognize the camera and X-T1 itself freezes (until the USB cable is plugged in). Has anybody the same experience...