1. Kevin

    Advice Wanted NAS recommendation in 2021 that can backup *from* S3?

    It's time to upgrade my Synology DS411slim to something a bit more... beefier. My main issue with it is that I'm trying to setup a sync job from an Amazon S3 bucket to the local SAN and the DS411 can't seem to do it. The Synology Cloud Sync app has a file limit which doesn't even come close to...
  2. L

    Micro 4/3 lens advice

    Hi I've compiled a list of lens I would like to purchase down the road. Does anyone use these lens and what is the sweet spot for said lens? 1) Olympus 17mm f2.8 2) Panasonic 17mm f2.8 3) Lumix G Vario 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 4) Panasonic 45-175mm f4-5.6 the sweet spot I'm referring to...
  3. Herman

    Advice Wanted Which tool will do the job?

    Hi, I'm in need of your help/advice. I like to create an image wall. Which tool will automate / randomly fill areas / shapes with images? Instead of using mosaic software. All folder images have to be used. I look forward to your replies, thanks in advance. Best regards, Herman
  4. D

    Help Problem

    Recently I've gotten the following when opening posts, instead of the usual page format. Any ideas
  5. jyc860923

    Advice Wanted Do you brighten up photos for printing?

    I have my monitor and printer calibrated and the output from them match pretty well almost all the time. The problem is, I think, due to the more limited dynamic range of printing with my Epson L805, unless I'm viewing the photo with very good light source, low key photos usually don't look...
  6. M

    Advice Wanted Weird lens output

    Just took delivery of a Viltrox 23 1.4 Fuji X mount used 9 from Bhphoto. The lens looks great. When shot at F1.4 in the 1-3 meter range the output is sublime. Sharp center and an almost faster than F1.4 look with OOF blur. With mid distance range I'm having weird intermittent results. A few...
  7. drd1135

    Advice on a gift camera

    I've been considering giving my sister an update to her current camera (Oly EM10) for Xmas. I'm considering the Fuji XT200: She will probably be setting it to auto and shooting away in jpeg. My thinking is that she will enjoy the big...
  8. Jock Elliott

    Moon photography advice wanted.

    I really need some advice on this. Maybe it's a dynamic range problem or perhaps a "difference between the human eye and the camera sensor problem, but here goes . . . We're driving home last night, come around a corner start up a hill, and there's this absolutely HUGE full moon hanging just...
  9. M

    Advice Wanted DSLR choices

    I have a work colleague interested in getting an ILC. He's a big guy with huge hands so I think a dslr may work better for him. As well as the fact that he's budget constrained, likes the look of shallow dof and wants good AF tracking. He's mostly interest in photographing his young, quick...