1. F

    Nikon 35mm Ai f/2

    I find 35mm to be a very versatile FL for shooters looking to achieve many things. I do a lot of hiking, & this beautiful little lens is usually invited. jt
  2. William Lewis

    Nikon Fun with a 45/2.8 AI P

    Have a new lens to work out and went out to do so. Hint of cool in the air, frost warning for tonight, the birches are mostly changed already and the maples have begun.
  3. gryphon1911

    Topaz Sharpen AI - Continues to Amaze Me

    I know that some companies promise the world and often time they under deliver. Scenario: In the midst of the COVID19 world I am still living in here in Central Ohio, the wife and I often times roll through the streets in her dream car, a 2015 Honda Accord Coupe V6, 6-speed manual. At times I...
  4. wooden skull?

    wooden skull?

  5. windblown tree

    windblown tree

  6. tree near Furze Cross

    tree near Furze Cross

  7. Orchard at East Charleton

    Orchard at East Charleton

  8. windblown trees in Great Luscombe

    windblown trees in Great Luscombe

  9. Looking east from Great Luscombe

    Looking east from Great Luscombe

  10. Duncombe Cross

    Duncombe Cross