1. drd1135

    Portait of Android Wins Photo Contest.

    Here's a fun one. The Poll was pretty evenly split. No question it's a great image, but the rules are pretty clear is must be a living subject, if I'm reading this correctly.
  2. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Feedback Issues with posting on Microsoft Edge (Android)

    Hello. For the last few days I've been having major issues trying to post on the website suing Microsoft Edge on Android: The top bar with the editing options are all grayed out and unaccessible. I can only add images by via Attachments. At a certain point in writing the active line is bellow...
  3. Toddster

    Using phone to upload from SD card to LR - iPhone vs Android

    I have been using an iPhone to upload photos from my camera's SD card to Lightroom CC; the process works perfectly. If I have WiFi I prefer to use my tablet or computer but the iPhone is great for the times when only cellular data is available. I recently tried the same thing with an Android...
  4. CameraderieBot

    "Android Giveaway of the Day"

    The site "Giveaway of the Day" posts a link (nearly) daily with software deals. This thread .will be automatically updated with the current deal as they are posted! 👍
  5. theoldsmithy

    Android Huawei P20 Pro

    This will take some getting to grips with. You can have the AI feature on or off (I think I will favour off but we'll give it a chance!). 40mp or 10mp resolution. JPEG or DNG. Colour or mono (which is 20mp). Anyway, here are a couple of early shots. Standard 10mp mode, AI on Weobley wall by...
  6. Herman

    Who's (un)happy with their tablet computer?

    Many got a tablet computer like Apple iPad. Is this a replacement to a netbook/notebook or just a wanna have product. Which operating system you prefer and why. I will have a look at Archos G9 NOW. Replies are welcome, thanks in advance.:smile: