1. Pauhana

    Micro 4/3 Wide angle Lawoa or ?

    Stuck at home today waiting on package to arrive. So got to thinking which makes my wife very nervous. Currently use 12-100 F4 or Panny 15 for wide angle on my OM-1 but have been thinking of going a little wider. Don't really want fisheye. Looking at Laowa 10 f/2, or 7.5, Olympus...
  2. AndyH44

    Fuji New Firmware! Improved AF-S with wide angle lenses!

    Just tested in my X-S20 and the AF-S improvement is noticeable, but still could be better.
  3. AndyMcD

    Lens Wide Angle MFD Shootout

    Now that I have the Laowa 9mm f/2.8 I thought it would be fun to try all of my wide angle lenses at their minimum focus distance. All pictures were shot at f/11 and with a single MF12 flash at 1/8 power First TTArtisans 7.5/2.0 (should have dusted it off I think) Inserted 19 Dec 2023, Fuji XF...
  4. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony Looking for advice on wide angle lenses

    Hello. I am looking for advice, experience with or just opinion, on wide angle lenses for Sony FE. Let me say the use cases first: *I would like a wide angle for one handed selfies of me and my little dog on travel, I'm not sure which focal length would be better/easier for that as I haven't...
  5. William Lewis

    Wide angle landscapes

    Still trying to learn to use my Voigtlander 21/4 as it's the widest I've used. Not that wide to some, I'm sure, but it's quite different from the 28's I've used in the past.
  6. M. Valdemar

    Manual Lens Canon Rangefinder 35mm f1.5 Wide Angle Lens is Highly Radioactive

    I was testing some of my vintage Rolex dials for radioactivity with a dosimeter. Out of curiosity, I pulled out some of my rangefinder lenses and tested them. I had one collapsible 50mm Summicron that I was almost positive was radioactive but it was not. So then I tried the 35mm f1.5 Canon and...
  7. phigmov

    Wide Angle Macro - Anyone tried the Opteka 15mm f4?

    Noticed some of these going cheap on Evilbay. Anyone tried one? Any good? Or are they garbage? I read that they are similar to the Laowa 15mm f4 Macros but without the Shift capability.
  8. rflove

    Leica CL with Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Heliar Ultra Wide Angle

    I was trying the new adapter that came in yesterday and decided to take the CV 15mm f4.5 lens for a walk at night. The images were all too noisy. I'm too inexperienced with the camera and had the settings poorly selected by mistake. These were captured with as high as ISO 25,000... As I said...
  9. Provincetown, Ma

    Provincetown, Ma

    Race point....