1. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1153

    Quite an interesting catch ... Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  2. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Micro 4/3 How is the E-M1X and OM-1 with Animal AI Tracking (Specifically dogs)

    Hello, a bit of a out of left field question (don't ask me why am I using a baseball saying, I don't even understand baseball and I don't even know where, when or how I even heard it): How is the Olympus E-M1X and/or OM-1 handing the autofocus with Animal AI Tracking (I don't remember if it has...
  3. Taneli

    Darkroom Challenge Digital Darkroom Derby #68

    This is Digital Darkroom Derby #68, a digital image editing/processing challenge. Please read the rules here. Short version: Host provides the challenge image and selects the winner, who then becomes the next host. My pal which I use to see on my favorite bicycle ride, I always get happy when...
  4. davect01

    Birds Humming no more but still beautiful (Dead Animal but not graphic)

    I was putting away the Christmas Decor and found this little Hummingbird under one of our trees. Still had that pretty coloring though so I had to take a few images before taking care of it. A6000 and 50mm Minolta