1. TNcasual

    Animals Curious Young Buck

    The Great Smoky Mountains is the most visted national park in the US. But it is still a big place, full of wildlife. I have been hiking for 20 years in the park, and only a few times have I ever come across any of the large(ish) animals in the park. Once a bear, once some otters, a few times...
  2. guzziknight

    Animals Elephant Seals

    We went on a guided tour at Año Nuevo State Beach, just south of Pescadero, CA. This is the primary mating/birthing area for Elephant Seals. They begin to come ashore in December. Right now, there’s a few hundred there, by this time next month, there will be thousands.
  3. P

    Animals visit at the bird sanctuary

    been almost two years now since our last visit... nice to be able to go back... Untitled by tilman paulin, on Flickr Untitled by tilman paulin, on Flickr great blue heron by tilman paulin, on Flickr kingfisher by tilman paulin, on Flickr northern pintail by tilman paulin, on Flickr mallard...
  4. gryphon1911

    Animals American Bald Eagle Eating (explicit content)

    WARNING - Images below of the circle of life in the wilderness. Images below may not be for everyone. They are of an eagle eating on a deer carcass. Please click back on the browser now if this is not something you wish to see. I know that the white balance is off between...
  5. I'm being eyed up

    I'm being eyed up

  6. Surely they're not all mine!

    Surely they're not all mine!

  7. Ewe 42 keeps watch

    Ewe 42 keeps watch

  8. Inquisitive calf

    Inquisitive calf

  9. Cow on the skyline

    Cow on the skyline

  10. I've got my eye on you

    I've got my eye on you

  11. A head in agriculture

    A head in agriculture

  12. Gentle giants

    Gentle giants

  13. New found friends

    New found friends

  14. A team ploughing

    A team ploughing

  15. Keeper and Otter friend

    Keeper and Otter friend

  16. Who's a pretty lady

    Who's a pretty lady

    Manx Loaghtan Ewe
  17. Don't get any closer

    Don't get any closer

    Manx Loaghtan Ewe
  18. Two tired lambs

    Two tired lambs