1. Kevin

    Announcement Twitter Login will be disabled Feb 5, 2023

    When joining our community new members have the choice of creating an account with a local password, of using their Google account to join, of using their GitHub account to join, or using their Twitter account to join. The Twitter login feature will be disabled this coming Sunday, Feb 5, 2023...
  2. Kevin

    Announcement Maintenance - Saturday, 2022-07-30 @ about 9PM Eastern

    The site will be unavailable tonight, Saturday 2022-07-30, for about 20-30 minutes starting around 9pm Eastern. There are no changes that will be implemented, just updating a few software items. 💻 - Kevin
  3. Kevin

    Announcement Unexpected Downtime - Thu 2022-03-24

    There was some unexpected downtime today from sometime after 10:00AM EST to about 11:30AM. Depending on how members connect (which device, which browser, etc.) some folks may have been getting nothing but a blank page while others may have eventually received an error. I know the 'What?' part...
  4. Kevin

    Announcement New Forum "Mods Team Support" - Privately reach out to the whole Mods Team!

    A new forum has been added called "Mods Team Support" that allows you to privately reach all of the whole volunteer Mods Team at once! What it is really is a forum where our members can post new threads that they want the Mods Team to see but not other members. The idea behind it is that...
  5. Kevin

    Announcement Buy & Sell Member Feedback is back!

    The ability to leave feedback for other members in regards to transactions in the Buy, Sell, and Trade forum is back! 👍 OK, the details of the sentence above is going to take a little longer to explain. 😆 Community members who have been with us for a few years may remember that Cameraderie...
  6. Kevin

    Announcement New Cameraderie Vendor Affiliate: KEH 📸

    We may not have any ads at the moment here at Cameraderie but we do have several vendor affiliate codes. Our newest one is KEH Camera! 👍 KEH is the original reseller of professional, collectible, and everyday gear for camera lovers everywhere. We’re camera people— photographers and...
  7. Kevin

    Announcement New forum "The Oasis"

    The community moderators are always listening. Always. ;) When a member posts their feedback, whether it be in the feedback forum or by reaching out to us privately or even the occasional 'report' option, you can be sure that it will likely result in a conversation by the moderators. A topic...
  8. Kevin

    Announcement Maintenance - Sunday, Dec 12, 2021

    We're overdue for some server maintenance so this Sunday, Dec 12, the site will be unavailable for a bit starting at around 10PM Eastern. Shouldn't take more than an hour as long as nothing unexpected comes up (famous last words 😁). - Kevin
  9. Kevin

    Announcement New "Camera Lenses" Forum

    Visitors tonight may have noticed a slight shuffling of a couple of forums and, after some deliberation, the result was the new "Camera Lenses" forum. The new forum is meant for any kind of talk about lens gear that does not fit in elsewhere...
  10. Kevin

    Announcement Maintenance - Sunday, 2021-07-25

    A few updates and maintenance tasks are starting to get backlogged so this Sunday, July 25, I'll be working on the To Do list. 📋 At the moment I'm planning on starting around 7:00PM EST and expect to take about 6 hours. ⏳
  11. Kevin

    Announcement Check your account preferences - "View sidebar when viewing threads"

    Normally when viewing threads, such as this one, there are no sidebars shown. An option was added so that the sidebars would display or not. The 'default' if no specific choice was made was "Yes" and the sidebars were shown. The default for the option has been reverted to be "No" with no...
  12. Kevin

    Announcement Automated email address verification - 2020, Mar 6

    During the past 24 hours an automated email address verification process has been running. This is a follow-up to the change from a few months ago when outgoing emails were switched to use Amazon SES services. Email addresses that could not be verified resulted in accounts being flagged the...