annual trip

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    Getting ready for my annual trip to the American Southwest.

    My normal travel gear has been my trusty Gx85 (took a Gx8 one year, but the IBS was so much better on the Gx85 I changed), Pany 14 & GWC1 (Makes it a 10.5mm according to my PL8-18mm) and the Oly 75-300II. I was thinking about taking my G9II or Gh6, but after looking at my Gx85 images for the...
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    The oldest camera you actually have a reason for using?

    I'm getting ready for my annual trip with a fried to the American SW. My kit = Gx85, OLy 75-300II (with Canon 500D closeup lens), Pany 14mm with GCW1 (tested and was sharper than my 9-18, but not my 8-18mm). I only use this camera for the yearly trip and sometimes on my triocular stereo...