1. Cameraderie Bot

    Fuji Fujifilm Camera Remote app has wi-fi issues with iOS 13 To our valued customers Thank you very much for purchasing and using our products. Apple has released the new OS(iOS13) for smartphones and tablets. We have confirmed the function of the application software for smartphone FUJIFILM Camera Remote with...
  2. drd1135

    Apple trying to buy Sony Pictures

    Who cares, right? It did make me wonder, however, what could happen if Apple acquired an imaging division and let them use Apple's computational photography expertise. It probably won't happen, but I still wonder what such a product would be like, e.g., a fixed zoom large sensor camera with...
  3. Kevin

    Apple Apple announces Aperture sunset date, suggests migration to Adobe Lightroom Classic or Apple Photos

    If you're still using Apple's Aperture on your MacOS machines, even though Apple discontinued updating it back in 2014, you'll be facing an upgrade decision. MacOS Mojave will be the last version of the OS that will support running Aperture "for technical reasons". Apple's suggestion is to...
  4. Kevin

    MacOS: Is Safari tied to the operating system or is it independently installed & upgradeble?

    On the MacOS, is Safari part of the OS and is upgraded when the OS is updated or is it treated as any other application that can be independently installed and upgraded as needed? The end goal of my pondering is to find a balance between an old MacBook Pro where it might not necessarily be...
  5. Herman

    What makes this Apple so special?

  6. Herman

    Transmission warning

    Transmission Source:
  7. R

    ipad air

    I've been given an ipad Air - trouble is I'm a living anachronism that don't do mobile phones or texts so the technology & terminology is a bit out of reach - think next room or even the other side of the street. I've got as far as plonking a playlist on but as far as photos go I'm getting...
  8. Herman

    Who's (un)happy with their tablet computer?

    Many got a tablet computer like Apple iPad. Is this a replacement to a netbook/notebook or just a wanna have product. Which operating system you prefer and why. I will have a look at Archos G9 NOW. Replies are welcome, thanks in advance.:smile:
  9. Cider apples (windfalls)

    Cider apples (windfalls)

  10. Cider apples

    Cider apples

  11. Cider apples

    Cider apples

  12. Cider apples

    Cider apples

  13. Old cider apple tree

    Old cider apple tree

  14. Old cider apple tree

    Old cider apple tree

  15. Armanius

    I am finally switching to MAC!

    I just placed an order with Amazon (via our affiliate link of course) for an 11" Mac Book Air. I've meaning to switch for at least a year or two, but could never pull the trigger. Then when I was about to pull the trigger, I wasn't sure if I should get an iMac first or a MBA first. The need...
  16. BillN

    Ipad 2

    Ipad 2 - just the ordinary one with Wifi There seems to be a waiting list in the UK Can you get them in the good olde US my wife wants one!!!! urrrgggg ....... what is happening -
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