1. C

    Classifieds For Sale: Ricoh GR IIIx | Location: EU | Ships: EU

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price €950 Item Richoh GR IIIx My Location EU Picture File(s) attached Description Ricoh GR IIIx 40mm equivalent fixed lens APS-C camera. Bought new in June 2022 but I never bonded, I will stick with my Panasonic GX9 & 20/1.7. Less than 1300 shutter activations...
  2. Brownie

    Sony Anyone using the Samyang 12/2 APS-C?

    My son's taking a college photography class. He's never really shown an interest in photography before so he has no camera. I'm loaning him my A6000 and the only APS-C lens I have, the little 18-55 kit lens. With all of this sudden exposure (seewhatIdidthere?) to other people's images he's has...
  3. Herman

    Which Format?

    As seen on internet. Format discussion. Is Medium Format worth it? (Canon R6) I'm asking: Is Full Frame worth it? (APS-C) Is APS-C Format worth it? (MFT) Is MFT Format woth it? (1 inch) Is 1 inch Format worth it? (compact sensor) Is Smartphone Format worth it? (?) What you think?