aurora borealis

  1. MountainMan79

    Nature About last night…

    …I’ve never got so much purple!
  2. jbruce

    2024 Aurora Borealis

    I don't see any posting for the Northern lights from last night. My wife looked outside at about 10:15 and asked me to come out and look at the sky. I looked and Myeah, nothing much but some wispy, barely visible, light green vertical trails up there. But decided to see if I could find a...
  3. agentlossing

    Travel Athens Adventure

    My wife and I are in Athens, Greece for a week for our tenth wedding anniversary. Time flies! I reckon I'll have a lot of photos to share eventually, but will post a few as I go, as downtime allows. The flight was long from Seattle, about ten hours in the air to Amsterdam, and a connecting...