1. melanie.ylang

    My Road Trip Diary 2024: Upper Murray River and Gippsland, Victoria Australia

    Every year we aim to spend two-to-three weeks on the road, camping and sight-seeing. This year we headed to Echuca on the Murray River ahead of a statewide, autumn heatwave, then headed over the mountains into Gippsland. Instead of using a combination of small compact camera and my larger...
  2. Pippan

    Hello from northern Australia

    Hi, Pippan from Darwin here, another POTN refugee. This looks like a friendly site so I look forward to meeting a few people here. I'm not new to photography though for the last two years I've been focusing (see what I did there?) on bird photography. I'm always keen for discussion about birds...
  3. Rio

    New member, from Australia this time!

    Hi all, migrating from DPReview because, well, what choice do I have? Mostly shoot Micro Four-Thirds, though looking to buy a K1 ii for the times I want a bit more IQ even at the cost of weight. Looking forward to chatting here!
  4. griffljg

    Hello from Brisbane, QLD, Australia

    I am originally from South Africa, but have lived in Australia since 1994. I have been taking photos since my grandmother gave me a Kodak 127 "Brownie" on my 6th birthday. Then I used a Kodak Instamatic 33 for my later school and university days. At the end of my first year's work, I decided...
  5. TraamisVOS

    Winter is well and truly here in Australia.

    We don't get snow in Australia unless it's up a mountain somewhere in the southern parts of the continent.
  6. kyteflyer


    Well, not the fires, I dont want to be anywhere near them!! Anyone has photos of smoky outlooks, weird stuff etc... please post. This is the sun at mid afternoon, shot through smoke and haze. And no, it wasnt *that* dark, just that the camera did what it could under the circumstances.