1. 11GTCS

    Micro 4/3 I fell for the antihype… G9 Autofocus is so good!

    I feel like for most of my time in the MFT (since back in 2019) I’ve been being preached to about how bad DFD and contrast based AF is, especially in AF-C. I’ve just followed the party line advice that if you want dependable AF, you need to get one of the PDAF Olympus/OM bodies. I’ve jumped in...
  2. I

    Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L USM lens stuck in autofocus mode (won't switch to manual)

    I purchased the 50mm f1.2 lens used from MPB. It was in excellent condition, and no flaws were mentioned on the website. I have been using the lens for about 4 months and have had no issues until today. When I went to switch the lens to manual focus, the camera continued searching for subjects...
  3. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony My autofocus situation (looking for a solution)

    Hello, as I gather experience from my time with my Sony a7R II, I am slowly learning its quirks and limitations. At first, I was very impressed with the AF performance of the camera but as I use it in more varied situations and with different lenses the experience is getting more "colourful". I...
  4. Bobby T

    Fuji Autofocus woes

    I shot a show Saturday night at pretty well lit music hall. The X-Pro2 did well for the most part. But some shots I missed due to the autofocus not being able to lock on that would have been amazing. Or at least I think they would have been amazing. Which leads to the inevitable question of do I...
  5. Tim Williams

    Nikon Df Autofocus Question

    The Df's low light AF has taken quite a beating in some reviews. Have they issued any updates or do you feel any are necessary. Does it still have the focus assist inside the view finder for manual focus.I'm getting serious about buying one but one review said it would hunt in medium light until...
  6. Armanius

    Choosing different zone autofocus

    Greetings everyone. It's been a while, again! I hope everyone is doing well. I'm starting to use continuous auto focus + high speed shooting more as the kiddo is getting faster and faster. In most cameras, we get to choose zone area auto focus where we use a portion of the AF points, instead of...
  7. C

    Film Fuji Instax 500AF

    Here is one of first images from this camera, I used the wide colour pack as I wanted to finish it off, I am not a fan of the colour film as much as I am of the monochrome. No flash, the chapel was not well lit, the light was coming from a stain glass window above.
  8. A

    Fuji Fuji xt2 continuous focus

    hi Recently completed your xt2 120 xpert tips. Nice book - thanks! I still am not clear about how the custom autofocus settings interact with the AF MODE selection. Which takes priority or does the AF MODE tell the camera WHERE to focus whereas the AF-C describes the TRACKING ALGORITHM within...
  9. N

    Fuji XF 18 F2.0R autofocus accuracy

    Hi, I just bought a second hand XF 18 F2.0R lens. While the sharpness is o.k. when focussing manually and the autofocus works precisely with stationary subjects I have problems getting sharp images of people. I use the lens both on my X-T10 and my X-M1. As soon as the person moves the autofocus...
  10. D

    Fuji Face-detect autofocus performance: X-T1 vs X100T

    Hi everyone, I've had an X100S for a while that I really enjoy, but it would be more useful to me if it had face-detect autofocus, primarily because I take pictures of, wait for it, people. So, I'm thinking of grabbing a newer model that does have it. What I'm wondering is, if I were to equip...