1. MountainMan79

    Feedback Are we back?

    I’m assuming the site was down for everyone for most of the day today? Are we back? I wonder what happened?
  2. P

    Petach is back...

    Hello one and all. Back after a fairly long absence. I have ditched Ricoh GR (in its various iterations) and now sport a Panny Lumix GX9 with 12-32mm kit lens. I also ditched Canon full frames and use a Sony 7 mk4 with 35mm f/1.8 and a 70-300 G Master. I have been on a bit of a journey and...
  3. Western Backway, Kingsbridge

    Western Backway, Kingsbridge

    This is Western Backway, one of two back lanes that parallel the main street in Kingsbridge. The water course is the old mill leat.
  4. SIJ23 ~ Zach: Roofer, Friend, Orthodox Godson

    SIJ23 ~ Zach: Roofer, Friend, Orthodox Godson

  5. SIJI


    Ruth Bernhard, I believe, said once that "No one should photograph anything that's more than 150 yards from their bed." Not sure I agree, but this as about half that distance from mine.