1. ektar

    Pentax Bag for K-1ii

    Okay first: Apologies if you've seen this posted...elsewhere...but I'm in search of a bag and am seeking learned suggestions. I should confess that I'm sort of an anti-bag-fetishist, in that I pretty much don't like any of them. I had a lovely Peak Design backpack that I bought extra dividers...
  2. MoonMind

    Lens From the bottom of the bag ...

    I recently decided to give a spare lens I know I had, a second Nikon 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 AF-D which really *should* still be around - if only I could find the darned thing, to a student of mine who has a really nice body (a Nikon D750) but no truely suitable lens: He was really unhappy about...
  3. Tim Williams

    Nikon My Z 6 has taken over my bag

    I don't need another camera. For the first time I can say that and mean it after thinking it through. My Z6 shoots everything, better than any camera I've ever owned , close enough that I don't care. Nikon's updates have helped this platform grow into a world class imaging system. That's how...
  4. davidzvi

    Camera Bag Dimensions

    OK so I'm a little OCD, I admit it. But after years of looking for "the perfect bag" I started keeping a spreadsheet of sizes so I figure out if the new bag was bigger/smaller than x bag I had. I currently have 7 bags; two aren't really used as camera bags: Domke J-810, I use it as a travel...
  5. davidzvi

    ONA Bowery Camera Bag (Blabk - Nylon) - 69 today

  6. Atom Ant

    Micro 4/3 Bag for Leica typ 109 with grip?

    I recently lost my LX100 - my wife asked whether I had a spare camera that she could have for when the phone camera doesn't quite cut it. After checking when and what she wanted to shoot, I bravely gave her my very useful LX100. :( Then, two days later, I found a very clean used copy of the...
  7. rmcnelly

    Tenba DNA 8 Messenger Bag (Dark Copper) for $68.91 (deal ended)

    Tenba DNA 8 Messenger Bag (Dark Copper) for $68.91 at B&H. This is about $20 less than the other colors. Tenba DNA 8 Messenger Bag (Dark Copper) 638-424 B&H Photo Video Deal ended and price is back to $89.95
  8. rmcnelly

    Fuji COSYSPEED Camslinger 105 for $19

    B&H has the COSYSPEED Camslinger 105 for $19 COSYSPEED Camslinger 105 Mirrorless Camera Holder (Black) CS0002 I found a review of one used with an X100S, translated here: Google Translate
  9. JoeLopez

    Fuji what's in your bag?

    Share your Fuji kit. I was working with some different camera settings today and took a shot of my X100 kit today. Fujifilm X100 Lensmate thumb grip Fujifilm hood Fujifilm EF-20 flash NPT-04 wireless remote shoe trigger Wasabi batteries Manfrotto phone mount Instax SP-2 printer w/film USB...
  10. gravija_flare

    Fuji Peak Design Everyday Bags: Messenger, Backpack, Sling and Tote!

    peak design started with the everyday messenger bag, and now they have just launched 4 more bags instead of just 1! more options for your mirrorless camera kits. :) pledged for the everyday backpack 20L + field pouch! btw, this latest kickstarter project already reached their goal of 500k usd...
  11. Lightmancer

    Please help me solve a bag conundrum...

    Okay, please bear with me on this, and read to the end before responding. I am in the market for a photo backpack. I have one at the moment but it is cheap and starting to get a bit ratty. What it does do is hold everything I want to carry, to wit: 1 Domke F5Xb, containing a Fuji X100T, WCL...