1. Toddster

    Adobe 1TB Photography Plan $99 at Newegg (new or renewal)

    As usual for this time of year (Prime Day's) Newegg has a huge discount on the 1 year, 1TB Photography Plan. Using the coupon code listed on the page (FANDUA5584) will Bring the total cost down to $99. This is how I renew every year. Saves a fortune over the regular subscription price...
  2. S

    New Product from Skylum especially for Portrait Professionals & Semi Professional Shooters

    The quickest path to perfect portraits Get ready for the next innovation by Skylum. This fall, you’ll witness the release of a brand-new product called Aperty (known before as project “Barcelona”), a photo editor designed for portrait retouching. Aperty allows professional...
  3. Toddster

    Panasonic S5 $997.99 at B&H

    After you clip the $200 coupon price in cart is $997.99. Seems like a lot of camera for the price.
  4. S

    + Luminar Neo Summer Sale Extended + Luminar Mobile app for iPhone

    Summer Sale details .... Luminar Neo Discounts up to -80% to Capture your summer memories with perfection! Offer Luminar Neo 2-year subscription for $119 + Travel Presets & Overlays Collection ($199 worth) + Creative Photo Editing Course ($79 worth) Luminar Neo 1-year subscription for $79...
  5. agentlossing

    Hot Deals! Refurbished Pentax K-3 III Monochrome - $1,899 Won't last long, I am sure! Buy it so I'm not tempted!
  6. TNcasual

    OM system moved Refurb store

    The OM System Refurbished store is now an eBay storefront. :oops:
  7. agentlossing

    Hot Deals! Used Fuji XF10 $499 At a local(ish) shop. They are reasonable to ship and have a return window for their used gear, I've bought a fair amount of stuff from them with a couple of duds and several perfectly good pieces.
  8. wt21

    Hot Deals! Hunt's is having a 15% off used sale to 1/21 (US only I think?)
  9. wt21

    Hot Deals! OM clearance sale in US (all sales final)

    Awesome prices for OM20/1.4 and OM 40-150/4 Pro. They are pricing the 40-150/4 at $509. I just paid $699 for mine on sale. I think this lens is very worth it in the $400-500 range, so very close (and tempted to return mine to Amazon and get this one, but that's a lot of trouble). Outlet Sale...
  10. Bobby T

    Hot Deals! Capture One 50% off

    Capture One is running 50% off for Black Friday.
  11. Toddster

    Hot Deals! Adobe - Creative Cloud Photography Plan 1TB (1-Year Subscription) $89

    Newegg has 1-Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan w/ 1TB Cloud Storage (Digital) on sale for $119.99 - $30 with promo code BFCY2Z793 = $89.99. Amazon has it for $119. Be warned...
  12. Kevin

    Hot Deals! Black Friday 2023 - Panasonic Lumix G9 *KIT* for $649 @ Amazon

    Just saw this in my feed.... the Panasonic Lumix G9 kit for $649! 😲 By contrast the body only is $849.
  13. tonyturley

    Unknown Fuji lens link

    Never heard of this outfit. I stumbled across the link by accident: (Pre-order)ARTRALAB NONIKKOR-MC 24MM F1.7 (APS-C)
  14. gryphon1911

    Hot Deals! Nikon USA Refurbished sale 10-Aug-2023

    Just received an email from Nikon with some pretty good refurbished deals. $1000 off a Z9 and many z mirrorless kits.
  15. agentlossing

    Hot Deals! Ricoh USA Has GRIII, GRIIIx Refurb In Stock Currently showing a GRIIIx for $750 and a GRIIIx Urban Edition for $850. 90 day warranty is better than none buying used! Pretty great deal for the stock GRIIIx.
  16. theoldsmithy

    Hot Deals! Adobe Photography Plan (20gb) £74.99 on Amazon UK

    Prime day deal for 12 months. Code valid until 12th October (that may just be for me as my current 12 months expires then).
  17. agentlossing

    Hot Deals! Adorama Fomapan 200 Creative 100' Roll, $57

    A good price for this interesting film! That's almost pre-supply-constraint pricing.
  18. agentlossing

    Hot Deals! Pentax Sample Sale Some Pentax cameras which were display models, or samples, for events etc. on sale. Not bad prices! Plus, there's currently a couple of KPs for $899, and a silver K70 for $429. The 20-40mm DA Limited for $399 is a good deal as well.
  19. wt21

    Z7 at B&H - looks like a good deal

    I'm not a Z user, but this looks pretty good at B&H
  20. Stiga

    Hot Deals! Luminar AI FREE!

    Yes, a truly free copy of Skylumn Luminar AI can be found here Juse enter your name and email address and you will be sent a download link and activation key Enjoy!
  21. Brownie

    KEH site wide 10% off

    Use code BF10E.
  22. RichardC

    Lumix S5 £400 voucher Amazon UK = £940 body only

    Amazon UK. Currently 13 left. £400 discount on headline price on checkout. Edit: I'm an affiliate - I may get a cut for bringing it to your attention but with £400 off I doubt it. Worth a try though.
  23. RichardC

    Wex rewards (UK)

    An offer popped up in Wex's checkout when I bought some batteries today. Aparrently, if you use my name "Richard Cassidy" in the checkout promotion code box, you get some sort of bonus (and even better, so do I). Naturally, I thought I'd share this with as many people as humanly possible :)...
  24. Simonix

    Capture One Pro 50% off until 31st July 2022

    Just got an email stating there is a FLASH sale on for Capture One. Enter "JULYFLASH50" into the checkout.
  25. agentlossing

    Ricoh Imaging US - Refurb GR IIIx for $749.

    These tend to sell out fast, but, for the moment, Ricoh Imaging US is offering refurb GR IIIx for $749: GR IIIx - REFURBISHED - Ricoh
  26. RAH

    Affinity Software on sale "this spring" of 2022 for 50% off

    I just got an email from Affinity that their software (and add-ons) is on sale "this spring" for 50% off. So, for example, Affinity Photo is $26.99. Um, that's a STEAL! They also have Publisher, which is a very good desktop publishing product (I use it a lot for a newsletter I edit), and also...
  27. Ghostbuggy

    Hot Deals! Capture One - Spring deal 40% off

    Not advertised anywhere on Capture One's website, but it still works: You can get 40% off, both on subscriptions as well as the full licence, when purchasing Capture One Pro 22. Just order the desired product of your choice, upon checkout you can activate a coupon code, use code Spring40 in...
  28. drd1135

    Used EX GFX50S at KEH for $2619

    I don't know if it's a hot deal, but this is the first time I'm seen this at a price I would consider, especially given that I would still need a lens...
  29. Hendrik

    Camera/Photography Auction in Troyes, FR

    News of this auction just came in over my transom...
  30. agentlossing

    Olympus Outlet, till the 23rd - Actually Good! Em1 mk II for under $543, EM5 mk II $287!
  31. Kevin

    Hot Deals! KEH 10% Off Sale on Selected Items - Jan 24, 25, 26

    Whoops, I meant to post this Sunday night. KEH is having a 3-day sale of 10% off selected items. It started yesterday, 2022-01-24 and end ends 2022-01-26 at 11:59pm (not sure what TZ, I'm assuming Eastern). CODE: SAVE10A For 3 days only, get 10% off these handpicked favorites!
  32. drd1135

    Fuji GFX body with Zoom Lens (Open Box)

    Hardly cheap, but some of you use Leica, so, you know, what the hell...
  33. agentlossing

    Hot Deals! Black Friday Ricoh: K1 II for $1699 This probably won't last much longer, but that's a dang good price for a brand new FF DSLR.
  34. Brownie

    KEH offering 1 year warranty on purchases now through Dec 31st.

    I've had to use their warranty once before, it was totally painless.
  35. Brownie

    Panasonic Black Friday Sale starts now, G-95 in the spotlight

    They finally have the G-95 for a good price. Other sales are pretty run of the mill.
  36. Bobby T

    Flashpoint/Godox sales

    Flashpoint and Godox have already launched their sales prices for the season. If anyone is interested in getting into lighting. Or wanting to add to their lighting gear. There are some good deals going.
  37. Biro

    New Sale on Sony Cameras and Zeiss Lenses April 12, 2021

    Well, that didn't take long... All of the sale prices that just expired are back. And the A9II and the A7sIII still aren't on sale. But if anyone has regretted not jumping on any...
  38. agentlossing

    Nikon Coolpix A APS-C

    This might not be that hot of a deal, but I've noticed the Coolpix A, a competitor to the original APS-C Ricoh GR, is available new from several sellers on eBay for a lot less than the GR/GR II is going for, even used. Granted the Coolpix A doesn't have Ricoh's awesome snap focus or its JPEG...
  39. drd1135

    Fuji GFX 50R is $3500 Still a lot of money, but pretty cheap for a new MF body. If you want a lens, that will run you another $1000 at least.
  40. drd1135

    Used Leica SL-S on Amazon for $3500 Given that you can buy L-mount lenses from under $1000, this is a screaming deal for Leica.
  41. Biro

    Fuji X100F for $799

    Adorama has a few leftover Fuji X100F's in silver for $799. That's brand-new with full factory warranty. If you've been thinking about an X100 and having the revised lens on the X100V (which costs $1399) isn't that important to you, then this is a great deal...
  42. drd1135

    Sony A7Rii at B&H for $1199 A few generations old but still the same 42 mp sensor a the Mk iii. If your subjects don‘t move too fast this is a great camera. Lots of nice cheap Tamron primes now available.
  43. Bobby T

    Great lighting deals at Adorama

    Adorama has some really good prices on their house brand Flashpoint. Which is rebranded Godox lights and fully compatible. Flashpoint 200, 200 pro, 300 pro, 400 pro, and 600 models. They have a 600 high speed sync for $339. Which is a steal for an incredible light.
  44. Bobby T

    Fuji X-T3 on Amazon

    Not sure how long this is running for. But Amazon has new X-T3 bodies in black and silver for $999. Edit: seems the rebate is at Adorama and B&H also
  45. drd1135

    Refurbished Z7 at Adorama for $2049
  46. drd1135

    XT3 back at $999

    The Kaizen Lazarus of Fuji is back at $999 at B&H.
  47. drd1135

    Canon RF and 24-105 lens for $999 The RF is not the ideal FF camera, but dang, the body and the lens for $999. The lens is supposedly pretty competent (if slow) as well.
  48. Kevin

    Hot Deals! Amazon Prime Day 2020 Photography Gear!

    It's Amazon Prime Day 2020, time for bargains! 💸 Most of the deals are for limited times so grab them while you can. :D Here's the link to the "Camera & Photo" section of Prime Day 2020 listing all of the items as they become active...
  49. Bobby T

    Hot Deals! Godox AD200 Prime Day 2020 lightning deal

    AD200 for $239. This will only be up for another 5 1/2 hours or until the allotment is sold.
  50. Kevin

    SanDisk 1TB microSDXC card at Amazon for $233 😲

    Normally $449, it's temporarily down to $233! 😲 Jeez, I'm getting old.... 1TB memory cards when I still remember paying close to 4 figures for a 5.25" full-height 5MB hard-drive. I'm sorta' tempted to pick one up just to add to the collection of redundant backup places. SanDisk 1TB Extreme...