1. William Lewis

    Barn Hunt

  2. Jim McClain

    Ranches of Plumas County, CA

    I wanted to share some of my photos of one of my favorite subject matter, barns and other buildings made of old, weathered wood. I don't have to travel far; I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you have to be tethered to an oxygen hose all the time, this is the place to do it...
  3. tonyturley

    Birds Crazy Barn Swallows

    Sunning themselves on the window ledge outside my office at work. The magic Google says one common theory on why Swallows and other birds do this is to kill Ectoparasites, but I haven't dug deep enough to know if there's any peer-reviewed research on this. Interesting to watch, at any rate.
  4. tonyturley

    Birds Barn Swallows

    Barn Swallows are odd little creatures. They will often congregate on my window ledge in the spring and summer, sometimes in groups of a dozen or more. They have a strange habit of twisting their head around and lowering it to the ledge, as if they are listening for something. I've seen them...
  5. Malston Barton Farm

    Malston Barton Farm

  6. SIJ - Day 24   Derelict Barn (1st floor)

    SIJ - Day 24 Derelict Barn (1st floor)

    Today there are times when curtains of rain are sweeping across the fields, so a sheltered shot was called for. This is the 1st floor of the derelict barn featured on day 16. This shot was obtained through a missing plank in the door at the end of the barn, the camera was inside on the rising...
  7. Old barn

    Old barn

    Old barn
  8. Blue Sky, Green Grass Barn

    Blue Sky, Green Grass Barn

  9. Sunset Barn and Pond

    Sunset Barn and Pond

  10. Sunset Barn

    Sunset Barn