1. R

    Fuji NP-95 Batteries for x100s

    I need to purchase some new batteries for this camera. It doesn't seem they are available anymore. Which third party batteries would you recommend? Must you buy a new charger or will the Fuji charger work? Thanks for any help. ricks
  2. jbruce

    Why Lithium batteries discharge.

    New evidence that suggests why our lithium batteries self-discharge. Cool stuff that we will most probably see incorporated into our favorite batteries? Link below. Chance discovery could extend battery life by replacing tape that causes self‑discharge
  3. JensM

    The Menial Peripherals

    Or other sundries. I am currently sorting through chargers, batteries and other such stuff which tends to be somewhat overlooked at least by me. The stuff that is just there, if that makes sense. This turned into a rather large task, and it also gave room for some thoughts about other...