1. Charzes44

    Advice Wanted Seeking advice

    My Fujifilm X-T3 is highly regarded for its video capability. An area of which I am completely ignorant, but I would like to learn how to take simple videos of my puppy chasing my grandchildren (for example). I do not intend to make epic movies with sound etc! But there is so much that I do...
  2. Judith

    Advice Wanted camera for beginners?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. My son's birthday is coming up soon and I would like to give him his first camera. He likes to photograph nature and insects, can you recommend a beginner camera around $800?
  3. D

    Fuji Greetings from the Isle of Anglesey in Wales

    Hi, I'm on my third Fuji camera, this time the X-T1, and love their gear. Having returned to the land of my birth after 30 years in the Middle East I hope to have more time to develop my photographic skills. I look forward to help and guidance from the Fuji X Spot contributors and become an...