1. Bobby Tingle

    Jail Birds

    They're looking to break out
  2. Mike G

    Nikon Woody

    One of my two resident Wood Pigeons, seconds before there were two of them perched on the fence! Z6 + Z Nikkor s 85mm @ 1/25 f5.6 ISO110, heavy crop and some big adjustments.
  3. SRHEdD

    Fuji Showcase When you're on a cruise and miss photographing birds...

    Our ship was turned away from Cuba by the U.S. Government, so we spent a couple of days in The Bahamas. The zoo and gardens was over booked, so we walked the streets. This is how I knew I missed photographing birds. Even the pigeons started to look good.
  4. T

    Little Birds of the Viera Wetlands

    With all the larger birds and gators, sometimes these little guys don’t get any love. #1 #2 #3
  5. davect01

    Birds of prey

    A6000 and 28-70mm
  6. R

    Young storks getting their ring

    We have a stork's nest nearby. Yesterday the young ones got their ring. They were picked from their nest in two shopping bags. They lay like dead as protection. The gentleman of the foundation that does the ringing. ... and back in the bag, back to the nest. René.
  7. Bill Allsopp

    Bullfinch (with the cheapo 50-230)

    Yet again the little Fuji comes good. XC 50-230 iso 4000 f 6.7 - 1/400 I still fancy the 100-400 though!
  8. Early Birds

    Early Birds

  9. Early Birds

    Early Birds

    This one is my favorite, I just love the expression! And the way she is nibbling the leaf.
  10. Early Birds

    Early Birds

  11. Early Birds

    Early Birds

  12. Early Birds

    Early Birds

    These little birds came to a bush outside my living room window one morning, and sat there waiting for Momma and Papa bird to bring them some food.
  13. Grub up

    Grub up

  14. Missed the train

    Missed the train

  15. Great Grey Shrike

    Great Grey Shrike

  16. A pair of Reed Bunting

    A pair of Reed Bunting

  17. European Kestral

    European Kestral

  18. Muscovy Duck

    Muscovy Duck

  19. Black-headed Gull

    Black-headed Gull

  20. Great Black-backed Gull

    Great Black-backed Gull

  21. Razorbill


  22. Northern Gannet

    Northern Gannet

  23. Kingfisher feathers

    Kingfisher feathers

  24. Spoonbill


  25. Spoonbill


  26. Wryneck


  27. Wryneck


  28. Northern Wheatear

    Northern Wheatear

  29. Northern Wheatear

    Northern Wheatear

  30. Med Gull and B-h Gull

    Med Gull and B-h Gull

  31. Meditterranean Black-headed Gull

    Meditterranean Black-headed Gull

  32. Arctic Skua and Black-headed Gull

    Arctic Skua and Black-headed Gull

  33. Shag


  34. Sandwich Tern

    Sandwich Tern

  35. Sandwich Tern

    Sandwich Tern

  36. Pied Wagtail

    Pied Wagtail

  37. Rock Pipit

    Rock Pipit

  38. Adult Turnstone moulting to winter plumage

    Adult Turnstone moulting to winter plumage

  39. Adult Turnstone moulting to winter plumage

    Adult Turnstone moulting to winter plumage

  40. Moulting Turnstones

    Moulting Turnstones

  41. Yellowhammer


  42. Yellowhammer


  43. Northern Wheatear (with odd plumage)

    Northern Wheatear (with odd plumage)

  44. Carrion Crow at nest

    Carrion Crow at nest

  45. Barn Swallow (in soft early morning light)

    Barn Swallow (in soft early morning light)

  46. Song Thrush

    Song Thrush

  47. Jackdaw, inquisitive

    Jackdaw, inquisitive

  48. Jackdaw, the decisive moment

    Jackdaw, the decisive moment

  49. Jackdaw on the lookout

    Jackdaw on the lookout

  50. Little Egret

    Little Egret

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