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  1. gryphon1911

    Lorikeet in Monochrome

    I just thought it looked neat. :) Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 - Film Noir 3 Preset and custom tweaking. Nikon Z6, Tamron 70-200/2.8 G2 on FTZ
  2. theoldsmithy

    Some great vintage shots by Thomas Hoepker

    in the Guardian
  3. buttermaker

    Gibbon at Richmond Virginia Zoo

  4. buttermaker


    An old photograph taken while waiting in Hoboken New Jersey for my train to New York city. I was on my way to the Germain School of Photography in 1978.
  5. William Lewis

    A few trees

    Test run of the D7100 today. OOC jpg because it's test time.
  6. D

    International Ferry

    A few weeks ago I went to Los Ebanos, TX to get shot of the international ferry that crosses the Rio Grande between the US and Mexico. This is the last hand pulled cable ferry on the Rio Grande--and some say in the US. There are full customs stations on both sides of the river. This ferry, which...
  7. davidzvi

    Hopefully a last gasp, but this is NE.

    With everyone inside I figured the snow made for a good time to go out.
  8. drd1135

    Woman Gets a Box of Father's Old Negatives
  9. William Lewis

    Concert Photography in the age of Covid19

    So last night one of my favorite singer/songwriters held a performance. I bought a ticket and logged in for the 45 minute show. Since it was the first time I'd seen her live, I had to take photos, yes? Even had a blurry shot or two just as in a non-virtual concert. It was an odd feeling and...
  10. William Lewis

    Last gasp of Winter

    In Wisconsin, in March, you can be sure of exactly one thing: there will still be at least one more good snowfall. It tried the other day... Grey gloom in the snowfall of a late afternoon.
  11. Lou Tingle

    Musician Monochrome

  12. gryphon1911

    When the weather sucks and you still go out but are not out

    So, I love just going out and trying to find opportunity for image creation. I don't always succeed and at times I can get on some peoples nerves. By some people I mean my wife, whom I drug out with me today in 15F (-9 for the rest of the world) temperatures but we ended up at a coffee shop...
  13. Phoenix

    Travels 2019 (Image heavy)

    Just some photos I took during my travels last year.
  14. ericdraven

    Dentelle Blanche - Sonia Olivia (2020)

    Dentelle Blanche - Sonia Olivia (2020) Dentelle Blanche - Sonia Olivia (2020) by David Wong, on Flickr
  15. Coksic

    X100 Black and white

  16. Coksic

    X-E1 black and white

  17. drd1135

    Committee Meeting

  18. M

    Around the garden with the G85 and L.monochrome

    These are with the G85, 12-60kit and L. monochrome turned all the way up to 11. SOOCish. Album here.. P1020029 by john m, on Flickr P1020039 by john m, on Flickr P1020044 by john m, on Flickr
  19. P

    yakitori store in Japan

    yakitori store in Japan
  20. AndyMcD

    Hunstanton Beach at 90mm

    We went for a walk in Hunstanton, Norfolk at the weekend. I had the 16,65 and 90 with me. Didn't find any reason not to just use the 90 for the entire morning.
  21. Phoenix

    Putting the 18mm through it's paces

    Just some random shots with the new lens
  22. JoeLopez

    2019 Marche du Nain Rouge - Detroit

    2019 Marche du Nain Rouge 3.24.19 Fujifilm X100T Jpeg SOOC
  23. Antonio Correia


  24. olli

    Film Showcase Ilford Delta 100

    Here are a few shots with Ilford Delta 100 taken in Sofia, Bulgaria with my Minolta XD. Starting with a couple of shots of the Museum of Sofia, formerly the city's public bathouse. Just across the street is the spot where the hot spring water that used to feed the bathhouse is still being...
  25. olli

    Film Showcase Ilford Delta 400

    I see a thread for this film in the Colour Film Showcase but I assume that now there is a section specifically for B&W Film I should post this here. Here are a few scenes from Sofia, Bulgaria a couple of weeks ago when the snow was falling. Shot on Delta 400 with a Minolta CD and Rokkor MD...
  26. merlin

    Pecos River in Winter, Part II

  27. merlin

    Pecos River in Winter

  28. Leeland Williams

    Tides Out.

  29. Bobby Tingle

    Gravel And Spiders

    Some B&Ws of my friends playing at a recent show
  30. merlin

    Mountain Juniper in Snow

  31. Phoenix

    Travels 2018

    Been out of the game for awhile due to partially losing my vision. Some photos I've taken while going through my bucket list.
  32. JoeLopez

    Stroll Walking Detroit

    Took the F3/T and the X100T on a bit of a walk around the East Side of Detroit last week. 35mm shots are pending (oh the anticipation :) )
  33. drd1135

    Trees in the Puddle

    Nothing extraordinary here except for the contrast in sharpness between the puddle and the ground. I haven't used the A7 much at all, but I suppose the shallow dof of FF also applies to the odd focus of a reflection in a puddle. Any comments?
  34. JoeLopez

    Grand Rapids

    From my hotel window last weekend Grand Rapids, MI Fujifilm X100T
  35. JoeLopez

    At the DMV

    At the DMV X100T 10.31.18
  36. davect01

    Statues and Howitzer

    A few shots at our local Memorial Park. Thought they turned out nice in B&W A6000 and 18-135mm
  37. theoldsmithy

    Film Showcase Acros 100

    I think Kevin has set up this new section, so apologies if there is already a thread for Acros 100. I took my old Agfa Isolette II for a stroll around the garden, trying Acros 100 out in 120 for the first time. Developed by AG Photo Lab, scanned on a CanoScan 8800F using Vuescan, minor tweaks...
  38. merlin

    Lizard Rock

  39. merlin

    Mountain Juniper

  40. Tim Williams

    Flagler Beach, FL

  41. Covey22

    CPR Training Day

    Pixel 3 SnapSeed
  42. AndyMcD

    PP Comparison

    Two pictures, one processed in LR and Silver Efex, and the other just processed in LR. 1) 2) I prefer #2 but would be interested to see what others think.
  43. S

    Fort Ross Festival 2018

    A few photos taken at this years Fort Ross festival held in July. Yep I'm slow at getting to these. I have been a couple of times just wondering around taking the odd photo. A mix of 35mm film and digital. Fort Ross, California
  44. Leeland Williams

    Still standing proud.

  45. Jim McClain

    Local Barber At Work

    This guy put a roof on my house once too. I guess he does all kinds of tops. ;)
  46. Leeland Williams

    Old Anchors.

    Fuji x100t
  47. Leeland Williams

    Truro Cathedral.

  48. Leeland Williams

    Cornish Tin Mine.

  49. Leeland Williams

    The Old Managers Office.

    Fuji X100T 033 Yellower 1 blue filter added.
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