1. Brian

    What were they Thinking!

    SO- have you ever looked at a picture of a person, and look into their mind, and know exactly what they were thinking? It's a gift. I took this 20 years ago, posted it and someone commented- "Terrible Bokeh". Yup. Should have asked my Daughter. Nikkor-SC 5cm F1.4, on the Canon 7. This is why...
  2. Roboticspro

    Manual Lens TTartisan 100mm f2.8 Triplet (Soap Bubble Bokeh Monster)

    Good Afternoon, I received the lens this morning, mounted it to my Canon 5D Mk II via a cheap "chipped" adapter, and had some fun. It is very well built, all metal with a good feel, similar to old SMC Pentax lenses and the like. It is an air-spaced triplet, with a 13-blade iris, 49mm filter...
  3. S

    Fake Bokeh alteration

    Useful at times for everyone, I suspect! This technique should be usable for non ACDSee users whose editors come equipped with a similar set of tools.
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  8. William Lewis

    Bouquet and Bokeh

    Chiyoko Super Rokkor 50/2 C Now this one I can see the summitar influence!
  9. Bobby T

    Bokeh is overrated...

    I found this to be an interesting video. Granted that may be due to my own views on photos have come to a similar place. And yeah, there was a long stretch of time which only recently ended when I shot nearly everything at f1.2-1.4.
  10. pictor


    Please post your pictures showing beautiful bokeh! Pencils by pictor / strolling shooter, on Flickr