1. D

    Books Any must have documentary photo books?

    Not too long ago I learned about Mitch Epstein's Sunshine Hotel and looking to pick up a few other documentary photo books for inspiration. Thank you.
  2. nivaunrahne

    How Did You Begin Your Photographic Journey?

    My grandpa had given me a No. 2-C Brownie camera to play with about the time I learned to crawl. Never took a photo with it, it was just a baby toy that I still still have today. I can not remember if it was an uncle or my grandpa that gave me a 1953 copy of Kodak Master Photoguide in 1969 when...
  3. Harry Cutts

    Books Dracula

    Dracula. For anyone interested in Bram Stoker and where he got his inspiration from, this is a good watch.
  4. donlaw

    What is on your Shelf (Shelfies)

    @MiguelATF This was your idea, based upon a shelf of Asimov books I posted this week. So please forgive me for stealing it. I feel a bit like back in pandemic lockdown days while healing a broken collarbone. So subject matter for daily photos has been close to home. Post images of things you...
  5. BBW

    What books are you reading for pleasure these days?

    Up until recently, recently being the last 8 months or so, I've been on a fiction kick - specifically mysteries. For quite a few years I'd been reading almost nothing but nonfiction - quite a few books on Afghanistan (two of my favorites were written by Rory Stewart), a book called "Justice"...