1. Robbo

    Karen Tribe Boy

  2. Cederic

    Micro 4/3 the big boy - 150-400 pro

    After seven months, I rang Wex and asked them, "Where is my new toy?!" They said, "It's here!" So I'm getting something new to play with tomorrow. I've already warned my boss that my productivity may be low.. Far too excited for my age, and I don't care. No idea how to fit it into a camera...
  3. Bobby T

    A boy and his chicken

  4. Lightmancer

    Fuji Wide boy?

    It occurs to me that I am in danger of being over-endowed in the wide lens stakes... Bear in mind that my primary use of a wideangle is when travelling, in urban environments, to get things in. That means people and/or architecture in particular. As I stand I have the 14mm and the recent...
  5. SI-27 Big Boy Burgers

    SI-27 Big Boy Burgers

    These used to serve as a sign Big Boy Burgers restaurants when I was growing up. I had not seen one in years. But driving today through the arts district I found this on display. (carefully chained as not to be stolen). Had to stop and grab a photo. Used the Coolpix A little flash to pop the...
  6. Master of all he surveys

    Master of all he surveys

    Young boy on one of the small passenger ferries in Dubai Creek, 1977
  7. Goatherds


    Goatherds, presumably father and son in the Himalayan foothills, October 1979
  8. Boy at temple in the hills

    Boy at temple in the hills

    I think probably one of the priests sons, a temple in the Pir Punchal (Outer Himalaya), Himachel Pradesh, October 1979