1. DeeJayK

    GAS GAS: Please share your latest near acquisitions - a.k.a. "what did you ALMOST buy"

    This is another thread topic that I found fun and interesting on another forum. It's fun to talk about either deals we missed out on for some reason or GAS-fueled purchases averted (or postponed?). We've all had them. To start the ball rolling, here's a listing on my local ad site which I was...
  2. D

    Help Need help with Buy & Sell

    I'm probably doing something wrong - I wanted to post two separate FS ads, and it seemed like posting the second one caused the first one to disappear. I went through the process twice, same result. Is there a rule that says only one ad at a time? I read the B&S Rules but I missed it if there is.
  3. ektar

    Feedback Buy & Sell Format?

    I feel guilty asking a(nother) practical question, as I've scarcely gotten my feet wet participating here, but... Is there a way for users to change the appearance of the Buy/Sell section? Having it come up as blocks with the unrelated images at the top as compared to the way the rest of the...
  4. andreart

    Leica selling M240

    Selling my loved Leica MP Type 240 body only. Photographed ~9000 frames. Additional 1 extra battery and Leica leather case. Price 3800 Euro or 4200 $. Location EU, Latvia. Shipping worldwide. please write where is the best place to sell Leica gear ? can send more photos on...