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    West Oakland Urbex

    Spent part of the afternoon yesterday wandering around West Oakalnd looking for urbex.... Fuji X-T1 and 18-55 and 14mm lenses. The rail station at 16th Street used to be a major transportation hub for the city; it is now abandoned and derelict. This triangular building reminds me of...
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    Urbex in Antioch

    Did some urbex photography in an abandoned factory in Antioch, CA today with the permission of the owner...
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    Doing some urbex tomorrow....

    Came across an abandoned glass factory in Pittsburgh, CA today. Introduced myself to the owner and he is going to allow me inside tomorrow to do some urbex photography...this is a genre I've really been wanting to explore. Fuji X-T1 processed in Capture One...
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    Rural Urbex

    or is it urbex rural? Whatever. Pope Valley, say this place is out in the boonies is an understatement... I love that the Pope Valley Shell pumps "Super 76"!